Hot water heater course

Quick question. Im taking the 120 hour course for home inspectors and while inspecting my own electric hot water heater i observed a timer switch… would that pass for an electrical disconnect?

Even though you may be able to “Temporarily” shut down the power, the timer switch remains powered.
Honestly, if the Water Heater needs a timer to save energy, it’s likely outdated and in need of replacement!!

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are you sure thats for your water heater? it would be weird that the water heater did not have a thermostat to turn it on when needed. what happens if you run out of hot water and its not set to heat for 4 hours?

Just does not seem right unless the water heater is ancient.

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Exactly, it should at least have a vacation mode!

Those are very common in our area, for electric (duh!) water heaters. you can set multiple trip fingers to keep the thing “Off” when you’re not there.

Nothing about the tank’s components is changed, it simply interrupts incoming power.

Some models have an external lever to turn the timer function On/Off manually without opening the metal cover.

I agree with Jeffrey. Would you trust this old thang! :skull:

Also, safety disconnect not needed if the panel is nearby and in line of sight.


It’s water heater, if you have hot water you don’t need a heater! LOL Just funnin!


I’ve had one of these for years. It’ll interrupt the power to the water heater based on household needs. Saving me 20 to 25 bucks a month up here in Ontario Canada, home of some of the highest hydro rates in North America.

It’s a common timer used for pool pumps. I would not/do not trust them to cut the power to pool pumps. If we do any work on the pump system, we still shut off the breaker.

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