Water heater TPRV & unusual piping

Any thoughts on:

  1. The TPR valve being stacked on top of the hot water outlet. Is this an acceptable configuration.

  2. The purpose of copper tubing that installed in the original TPRV outlet. The tubing is insulated and loops down into the chase that the condensate line and refrigerant line exit the house to a heat pump. The HVAC equip is about 10 years newer than the water heater.

The air handler is just above the water heater (just out of the attached picture).

TPR should be mounted directly on the tank otherwise it may not trip properly. I would call out the whole setup for further evaluation.

Thank you for the quick reply - I called for review by licensed plumber on the home inspection report and now I am preparing a 4 point. I am inclined to flag it as a hazard. As usual it is a tight closing and no one will be happy about the insurance delay.

Is it a hazard?

A drain pan may also be a desired feature depending on location…

  1. The T&P should be mounted in the top 6" of the tank - directly into the tank.

  2. The central tapping (the port with the 1/2" cu) is the T&P port on that w/h.

  3. However, when no tapping is provided, or because of unusual circumstances, its allowable to locate the T&P in that stacked position on the hot side.
    Mfi’s usually offer this or a similar alternative.

  4. That set-up looks rather old, and the odds are that the T&P in place does not have an extended probe - Residential T&P’s with 8" probes are available.

  5. So, perhaps, recom a change out to the extended probe T&P?

discussed numerous times

if y’all would look at the metal tag clearly depicted may find that the tprv may in fact have an extension thermostat probe & may be compliant go back & check tag

call AHJ if uncertain what is allowed in your area



Barry Adair,

Why do you find it significant that the P&T has a metal tag? Metal tags are common in my experience, and dont automatically indicate an extended probe T&P.

Maybe i’m wrong on this - could you, perhaps, provide a reference?

The tag will state if it is a deep probe type or at least have a model number to look up.





I was looking for information on this topic. Thanks.