Water Heater Vent

I have a water heater that the vent goes downward to the chimney and no rise. I know this is not right but I cannot find back up documentation in code check or Carson Dunlop books. Can anyone give me link to the safety issues of such installation? This is actually an apartment where my daughter is renting and I want to share with the landlord.

A Google search ( water heater vent goes downward ) got this and many more .

Just go to manufacturer manual and please start to take pictures so we have a better idea .

Water heater flue vent not allowed more than two 90 degree turns and should have a 1/4 inch per foot slope incline at all points.

Thanks guys

Not exactly correct. The gas code says no dips or sags.

It needs a minimum 1\4 inch rise per foot and that would include no dips of course for the dense minded.

It is not Indiana ICC, but here is Florida. 503.10.7 Slope.

Read 503.10.7 - 503.10.11. Also, a call (or email) to the local AHJ would be enough to motivate the super. May need to install an electric heater.

Show me the code where it says that.

****G2427.10.7 (503.10.7) Slope. ** **
A *vent connector *shall be installed without dips or sags and shall **slope upward toward the vent or chimney at least 1/4 inch per foot (21 mm/m). **