Water Heater-White Deposit?

Has anyone seen a white deposit in the burner area of a water heater. Looks just like soot build up but it is white. Water heater is propane and flame is good.

possible that when the pilot goes out they have been using paper to relight it. leaving the ashes behind.

Is the WH in the vicinity of chemicals, cleaning supplies, bleach, ammonia, etc. ?

I don’t know what it is, but I find it quite often at propane water heaters as well. Next time I’ll have to remember to follow up with my Clients to see what they did about it.

I just asked a buddy he said it is more than likely a lime deposit if there were previous leaks. if not there are chemicals added to propane to give it a smell and these sometimes don’t burn off completely especially if the burner is not high effeciency leaving a fine powdery substance after many years of use.

Lake area week end home, no chemicals.

It could possibly be flue pipe condensate, like one often sees in furnace cabinets. Caused by too low temperature in the flue pipe.

Burning LP gas produces water vapor, which will can leave a white deposit on water heater and furnace burners. It is fairly common.

I just saw this for the first time that’s good to know hanks for the info.