Do you think that a gas water heater can work under water? (lol!)

Inspected a vacant HUD house this afternoon. Found the water heater in a pit in the crawlspace with about 3-4 ft of water. Also remembered why I hate crawlspaces. Enjoy!







Now flood damaged…
As indicated by photos, unit will be required to be replaced and should be reported as such…

…and the furnace…and tear the house down while you’re at it.

Did the inspection for HUD and actually recommended tearing the house down.

I love when scenarios are presented where I can recommend “Demo & Replace” as a comment…

My favorite HUD needs to demo recommendation was a house I found about 2 years ago where the chimney had fallen off the side of the house and the back wall and half of one side wall were angled out with about a 6 inch gap from the foundation. Needless to say I didn’t go in that house!

Underwater gas is expensive! (LOL)

Answer is: No!