Water meter piping

Need to confirm my suspicion. Does this piping arrangement look strange? Looks to me that water meter is not inline and water supply is bypassed. Am I right or wrong? Thanks.

Several municipalities in my area use those “circular” water meter connections. Although they look circular, they have linear flow.

Is the copper sleeved where it passes through the concrete?

It does look odd. Did you turn on a faucet and check the meter ?

Thanks Chad. Good point about the lack of sleeving.

Thanks Harry. I did turn on the water but did not think of checking the meter while it was flowing. I was pre-occupied with a client that kept asking all kinds of questions.

so, what line is the main line, left or right? iam guessing the left as it has a shut off valve, and that is that other cylinder looking thing on the right side? is it a back flow preventer?