Moisture Issues

Got a call Yesterday from a new home owner , He said he had a moisture problem , Went over to check it out and yes he did indeed , Builder thought maybe moisture got in around a window at first . Anyway i started there and worked over about 5 feet from the window moisture present . 36 on the meter , did a thermal scan whole wall appeared to have a issue . next room too. How ever the same wall on the front did not. They took the dry wall off today the paper was wet and the insulation also . Osb was about 18 percent
No evidence of roof leak or around the window . I thinking the home is sweating but baffled why. Any suggestions would be great . Weep holes present Moisture barrier installed , windows are flashed . temp inside 72 Humidity 45 percent

Well there you have it lol

Moisture barrier installed where and how?

I’m baffled myself, but see you have no other ideas to initiate conversation, so I thought I’d say something to get the conversation started… Are you referring to vapour barrier or weather barrier as moisture barrier (sorry, regional differences, different terminology) Which side of the wall is vapour barrier installed on in TN? Was there visible moisture on the vapour barrier? Which side was wet? This is pretty odd in a normal home with a properly installed vapour barrier. Is there any plumbing in that exterior wall? One story or two story home? Brick siding obviously? I built a home one time that the new window had a leak in the sill, although installed correctly, when rain water landed in the sill, it would leak down through the window sill rather than out the drain holes. How high up the wall was the moisture? Was it on the hottest side (south side) of the home?

I was referring to what you had said “moisture barrier installed”. So I’m asking what type of barrier, interior, exterior, below ground, etc. Installed wrong they’re prone to trapping moisture

The Insulation is installed correct, weather ( Tyvek) also installed
Wall is a west wall
Moisture went about 6 feet up on the second floor nothing on the lower floor
Room on the same wall on north west side was dry
Heating registers where pointing to the wall That why i was wondering condensation forming . How ever it is only in 2 rooms the other 2 rooms on the same side are fine
Home is on a slab

I assume that you meant the AC registers (this is July).

Check and see if moisture is present in walls with AC blowing on them
and if the dry walls do not have the AC blowing on them.

If they run the AC heavy in one part of the day, it could create some
condensation if it is blowing directly on the wall. If the AC is running
on a normal cycle, then it would not have time to chill those walls
as much. The upstairs AC unit would run longer in hot weather,
compared to he downstairs unit.

Have humidity levels been high lately?

If I am right, tell them to turn the vents away from the wall and let
the entire house run on a normal cycle and stop doing a power blast
when they get home from work. Watch for mold. It might be one of
the kids playing with the thermostate also and the parents don’t know
it. Vapor barrier?

Just some thoughts.

Wayne I have been thru this on a 20k SQ FT home give me a call. Been there and done that;-)

Thanks John already change the direction of the Heating and cooling outlets ( same thing) ) Thermostat stays set at 75 , Parent are stay home Humidity has been high how ever inside is 45 percent . only 2 rooms have the problem no others on the same side and same floor . Only paper barrier on the insulation installed correctly nothing out of the norm for this area . The paper was running water when dry wall was opened .

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I just tried calling i try again in a bit or give me a call I left a message

He is afraid your gonna tell us what he says… :mrgreen: He won’t pick up the phone.

I do not think Charlie has to much fear of saying what he thinks lol

What does my profile say right above my Phone # some of us actually practice what we preach:p and I did pick up the phone we had a nice conversation without all of the trolls voicing in the conversation;-)

Thank You Charlie great talking to you. and than you for the imformation

=D> So, when you verify the cause, you’re going to share this lil’ nugget of information with us… right?

I was just poking at you Charlie.

I’m sure the info is valuable, but don’t see why it should be a secret.

I will share the information as soon as it gets confirmed , It is likely a combination of problems extreme heat , high humidity poor humidification . Ac guy is looking into right now . Again Thank you Charlie confirming we where going in the right direction. it is rare to see this issue around here .

Update AC Tech looked around ( No measurement of temperature or humidity ) said it is not a problem . must be a roof leak . LOL so far another Billy Bob evaluation .

Did I not say that would be the answer you would more than likely get. It takes some really experienced A/C guy to resolve a problem like this. No part changers allowed;-)