Water pressure test gauge

I have bought those gauges that you screw on to the hose bibs from various sources for a few years now. Non of them hold up … Any one find a decent gauge that is durable and accurate?


Any one of these, I had the one with the red needle ( LDR 020 9645 Pressure Gauge) and never had a problem.

Interesting article written by someone who definitely does not speak English. Fascinating mis-use of the language.

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I have used one of these for over 15 years. They are eminently reliable. You can get them at Grainger.com image


thanks Russell ill try one

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Bob, can I ask what that statement relates to.?

Your Link https://luxurioustoilet.com/best-water-pressure-gauge/

“It comes with simple and universal fitting. And its readability is pretty transparent. It delivers the proper upgrades and helps to inspect the malfunctioning.”

They used the word “adorable” when describing one gauge. I can’t find it now.


What’s wrong with it? Just shows different gauges and one of them I used. What am I missing here?

Not a reflection on you, Marcel. Just thought the wording was a little squirrely. See the examples in my previous post.

"Rain Bird, a traditional company, was formed in the mid of 1933. Within a couple of years, it gained the ‘users’ satisfaction.

(For its quality service)

At the primary stage, the only generated irrigation related items.
However, its latest model, Bird P2A, is an excellent pressure veil that comes with several extraordinary features.

Its significant fact is it included ¾ inches hose threading attachment. Moreover, its Psi rating is entirely satisfactory, and it is 0 – 2000 Psi."

Well, obviously I didn’t read those reviews. All I know is the gauge I have works fine.

" Q: Do I require a hose?

A: Hose usually provide ultra flexibility, even in an obstinate fitting. That’s why it is an adorable (same as appealing) attachment for the maximum users.