water pressure test

What is the easiest way to test the water pressure, could a guy make a simple tester wtih a pipe that screws onto a faucet with a pressure guage on it , what do others use

How about a water pressure gauge?

Am I missing something here?

Iknow what a water pressure guage is, I’m asking the easiest way to do it make one to fit on the threaded part of a kitchen faucet, on a outdoor faucet (not all houses have them) (and not all water heaters have one) sorry if this seems stupid, but im not going to tap into a water line, whats not to follow?

Exterior hose bibs and washer supply pipes make great placs to check the pressure.

thanks,didnt have anyplace to check it, except for the unthought of washer supply line, otherwise no normal faucets, and not one on the water heater,I thought all water heaters had to have one but this is an old old electric heater and it doesn’t. I will make a guage up to fit it

This one from Rainbird has the threaded hose bib adapter. I bought one at Lowe’s recently for $10. You will, of course, need a hose bib to attach it to but you don’t have to make anything up, just buy one. Am I missing something?

I think he wanted to hook the gauge up to a kitchen faucet…in that case he would need a bit of “engineering” to get it to hook up…not to mention he would probably have to pull the aerator assembly off of the kitchen faucet…I wouldn’t do that, my luck it would leak like a mother after that…

Just check the outside hosebibbs…if they don’t have any, you probably cannot check it. If the outside hosebibbs are downstream of the prv (pressure regulating valve) then the pressure will likely be the same in the entire house.

If you cannot find an outside spigot (hosebibb)…and the washer is hooked up to a washer (difficult access) and the water heater doesn’t have one…I think you are screwed…

Functional flow is your only option at that point, without “making” up a gauge for somewhere else in the house…

Good luck.

Go to any store that sells water beds or water bed supplies. They have adapters (fill kits) that fit your pressure gauge and most interior faucets - male and female.

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Thats what I use. Works great:mrgreen:

Here are two different types.

The plastic one fits several sizes whereas the steel piece only fits one size.

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From one who has had large aquariums with large fish, and even done some fishing in my aquariums, aquarium stores also have faucet adapters since the adapter and a hose make it very easy to siphon water out of the aquarium and, with the turn of a valve on the adapter, fill the aquarium up again.

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Jeff what were you testing that gave you 118 psi

Water pressure at the water heater (that’s usually where I take the measurement).