Water shutoff valve Type?

Anyone know what type of shutoff valve this is? Would you recommend it be replaced with a ball valve?

Well if I am not mistaken, that is the meter above to the right. This is a common brass meter ball valve attached to the meter riser. (An HB-2) Same type as you would find at a modern street meter just with a handle installed. FORD was the giveaway.

It does not turn you left the handle up, I believe, to shut off water

It is a ball valve. The handle rotates 90 degrees to turn it Off.

You believe? I gave you the friggin part number. It is a ball valve. :roll:

Stephen- I would give you my opinion on what it is, but you’d get all crankie on me because you took the part number and looked it up and I on the other hand will damn well stand behind my wild *** guess and post something stupid and have to run off to may safe space and chill for the rest of the day! ](*,)

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