can someone identify this thing?

the red thing on right - i think its a manual shut off valve for waste line -but have no idea of brand or details

It’s a valve with the handle missing.

I didn’t think valves are allowed on waste lines.

looks like a large gate valve. Usually found in public works for water and fire mains

Should have called me Joe.
It is a flood control gate.

Manually operated.
See lots of that type in the Midway area and older north side ares but often not needed after sewer upgrades which can be checked on.

Had sort of a different type just yesterday and lucky me found the original plumbers number under a bar sink where he answered and even told me what he charged.:slight_smile:

Back flow valve 2.jpg

Kinda gives you the idea here.

back to my long report day.may never catch up.:frowning:

Thanks guys, yeah i’ve seen the Boosey / jay r smith shut off valves before, but this one is not in line?? So its odd, i wanted to know more about this specific type.

Bob, i was kinda looking for a brand name and specifics,i had a general idea it was a manual shut off valve. Got a brand name?

I lived in a home with a Jay R Smith manual shut off valve/ backflow preventer, i took it apart. Bob maybe you can tell me why is it set of to the side of the wasteline?

Hi Joe not gonna check in anymore tonight but brand name does not matter.
With the wheel missing it may not have been used in a long time.

I would just call for a Plumber to check it out unless you feel like taking that one apart as well…lol.
Yeah I remember you doing that.:slight_smile: