Can someone identify this valve?

Found this valve/shutoff in the utility room of a ground floor condo today. Can someone identify the purpose of this valve?

Condo was built in 2008…Sprinkler system is installed in this unit/building

looks like a main gas valve

I have never seen a plastic gas valve around these parts. Never.

I don’t know if this helps but there was a sprinkler system installed in this unit/building…

.Yes. the valve and lines are all plastic

If it was for that then it should be clearly marked and be locked open.

There is no natural gas in the building

I thought it was iron . Mikey . your right not gas perhaps it is the drain for the sprinkler.
should be still marked if anything to do with the sprinkler system. ( had to zoom to see it lol tried eyes)

I think it is probably sprinkler related but not enough info was given to hazard anything but a guess. :wink:

It’s clearly an ABS ball valve, so it’s for water; beyond that, can’t say from one photo.

schedule 80 union ball valve
looks to be 1 .5" used for high pressure applications.

I’d venture to say it’s the isolation supply valve for the sprinkler
system and where ever she leads it’ll attach to the main manifold before
branching off to solenoids and zones .

An oddball plumbing scenario for sure but at least it’s built with quality

1.5 " is friggin huge ! usually a drain diameter , that’s what I’d expect to see
in an industrial water supply application,not a single family dwelling .

Test valve for the sprinkler???

The DWV pipe to a laundry washtub in the garage. It has a valve so that the owner, if he/she doesn’t use the washtub, can close the drain to prevent odors, instead of having to remember to keep the trap full. In Nashville it gets hot and the trap can evaporate so fast that you’d have to remember to fill it a couple times a day if you didn’t have that valve.

Anyone ever seen gray PVC used for waste plumbing?

Looks like ABS to me. There is a gray electrical panel box with black breakers in the PIC. Match the colors up.

Agreed Nick!

if you say so:roll:

Point in question is does the picture show gray or black. Picture shows black PVC and most likely ABS waste lines not gray.
Thanks for the picture which nails the valve.

No it doesn’t.

The one I posted matches perfectly.

Look and the valve handle. Its actually orange.

Nick may be right about the purpose but not the color.

Kevin, believe what ever you want.

At least I support my opinions with facts.

So the color is gray Michael?

It’s Gray :wink: