Water Stains on siding

These water stains show up at the same location around the house. No appearent roof leaking.
What do you think. Any opinions.
I think maybe they are washing the siding and it is left over???


How about… poor ventilation results in warm moist air meeting cool air inside the attic near the exterior walls. The resulting condensation at the top of the exterior wall runs down the outside of the exterior wall sheathing/housewrap, carrying dust and dirt from the attic with it, until it reaches siding that is securely nailed, which routes it to the siding exterior where it becomes visible. \:D/

Attic is well ventilated,

OK… blows that theory to bits.

How about… gable vents aligned with prevaiing winds occasionally pressurize the attic space to the extend that attic dust is forced out through a number of avenues including spaces between upper courses of siding.

James, please be more specific. I “assume” the area in pic 2 is the second floor, as the window in pic 2 is not shown in pic 1. Were all the stains on the first level, second level, both?

Before anyone starts pissin’ & moanin’ about pic 2 showing soffitt vent holes, I have seen these on this style home at the first floor level soffitt.

Plus I noticed that window is at the rear/side while the general shot is at front.
Look at the glass for the clue and see it is a different style

Did ya’ even read my post before you quoted it, Bob ??? :p:p:p

I noticed it before you posted and to be honest you confused me using big numbers like 1 and 2.
Plus you know I never pay attention to you.:mrgreen:
You muntin

The stains are also near the front windows too. Pretty much around the entire house at the second floor just under the eaves. this is the worst location. (the rear)
I was thinking maybe the wshed it down with a hose or pressure washer and this is what it left behind.

Very possible,and if you found no associated issues should not worry about it .

Do you guys get ice damns out there. That looks exactly like what happens here when ice builds up on the roof and leaks in down behind the siding.

That was my thought also, Peter, which is why I asked for clearification as to where the staining was located.

Great minds… :wink:

No ice dams here, at least not the seattle area. in the mtns…yes