Soffit Stains

Strange stains on todays inspection. The soffits throughout had this dark staining which could be rubbed off. It was difficult to tell if it was dirt or perhaps a type of mold/algae growth. Have any of you seen this and what have you determined it to be?

The home had soffit vents and continuous ridge vents throughout with good ventilation/insulation in the attic.




was that all the way around or mostly on the north side Vince…I’m voting mildew…especially if it was more predominant on the north side…jim

Hard to tell from here but looks like remnants of ice backup/damming…moisture coming from behind the paint…typically, inadequate ventilation and/or insulation. Often plugged gutters promote ice backup.

Think you got it, Jim.

No kickout flashing and lots of water!

I also vote mildew if there is more on the north side of home.