Water tank valve

Have you ever seen a water tank safty valve connected to the hot water line

Like the drawing a just made…


Was it a pressure-relief valve, or a combination temperature-pressure relief valve?

If it’s a TPRV, the sensor must extend into the top of the tank (generally) a minimum of 6 inches.

If it’s a PRV, it may have been used in conjunction with a Watts 210 gas shutoff valve.

Do you have any additional information or actual pictures?

cant fid a pic but it’s really a pressure-relief valve

OK…the valve is not independent, it is connecteted to the hot water line

There is no issue with having a PRV on the system. The question is - was over-heat and over-pressure protection present on the tank?

The diagram you have posted is insufficient to determine if the tank is properly protected.

-valve installed = yes
-is tank protected = yes

if the pressure goes up will it activate the valve or go through the hot water line. to me a set up like that , where the pressure could go up the line doesnt make sense

What type of protection was provided for over-temperature?