Hot water relief valve

A 2004 Bradford & White water heater has a pressure valve off the hot water copper line above the tank with a small diamater line extending to the ground.

Should this valve be removed? If yes why? If no how come?

101407 032 (Small).jpg

Does it go to a floor drain? Looks like a primer.

Did the tank itself have a TPR valve installed correctly?

TPR valves shall not have the discharge size changed and must run in Canada down to with in 8 inches of the floor. Cookie

That relief valve is worthless.

Jason asked the important question.

Yes, the typical relief valve was installed.

Would you advise removing the worthless one?

I would, doesn’t make much sense…

Maybe the installer thought it would make a crude air arrestor???


It’s an unnecessary component, subject to failure over time. It would be fairly simple to just cap it off, which would probably be my recommendation. . .