Water testing in Ohio

Just wondering if there are any particular requirements for a Home Inspector in Ohio to pull water samples during a well test? Are there differing requirements from county to county?


You can pull water samples all day long if you wish :slight_smile: The key is you need to find someone to pay for the testing of those samples. What exactly people want tested depends on what’s prevalent in your particular area. Most people just want bacteria testing (total coliform/e. coli) Some may want lead, nitrate/nitrite, etc., which can get expensive. You have to find a lab close by or to ship to (within timed restrictions/parameters.) There are no particular state wide requirements (unless lender or similar requires.) I suggest finding a lab & setting your prices (with or without HI), based on theirs, so you know what to say when asked about. You may also want to put together some packages with different tests. I like to keep things simple and usually just will do the bacteria test. I also offer an affordable water quality litmus paper check, to check for basics (hardness, iron, etc.)