Well water testing.

I am looking for information on well water testing. I have received a lot of requests lately from people with well water systems.

I just got setup with ETR labs for water testing They have a free test promotion in the InterNACHI newsletter. I did the test sent it in and within 48 hours had results via email. Then decided to setup with them and they were very helpful. They also will answer clients questions directly so you don’t have to… Get the promotional test kit and see for yourself.

There are do it yourself kits at the big box stores but I recommend using an EPA certified lab.

Your county health department lab will most likely have these kits for less than $50.00.
No matter who you use, they will require that your sample is back in their hands within 24 hours to start the bacteria culture test. This makes it near impossible to do a Saturday morning inspection.

Look around your area as there might be a privately owned lab that will work with you.

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Have any of you used these to get a baseline on quality? If this comes back with a high value then you get a lab analysis. Only because some of the lab tests are a few hundred dollars, before the inspectors markup.


For e-coli and colorform your county health dept will have what you need at a very low cost.
As for other testing which is usually nitrate,nitrite and lead just find a local lab and they will supply you with all the containers at around $50 per test.

What kind of contaminants do you want to test for?

It can vary. Why do you ask?

I use a local lab.

There are a number of tests that can be performed, but some states require the test be done by a certified lab.

The less expensive tests are lead, nitrite, nitrate, and bacteria. Testing for pesticides by a certified labs can cost $1,000 or more.

Find a lab and build a good relationship with them

I used to travel the US and Canada teaching for NACHI, and one of my most popular courses was one called Certified Well Sampler. It want through everything, from well construction, natural and man-made contaminants, health effects, EPA guidelines, sample protocols, QA, chain of custody, and selecting a lab.

It is still available on disk.

Joe where can I find the Certified Well Sampler class?