Water testing Kits

Does anyone out there know of water testing kits that are available that could help me avoid the use of a lab? The lab I currently use takes forever to get me results, so I would prefer to do the testing myself so I can get the results to my client in a day or two rather than a week and a half. Thanks.


You can’t do the testing yourself ! How would you test for e coli, coliform, lead,copper etc?
And I’m sure if you had the thousands of dollars of testing equipment FHA or VA wouldn’t except it. Unless you were a certified lab.
The lab I use gets the results back to me in a few days or less.

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What lab do you use?

The obvious problem here…or is it? is simply if you send your sample out of state it will take longer to get results. Since a great many of you lack that information (state) in your profile it is hard to help you find a solution for your particular location.

Cindy, check with your state’s Dept of Health and/or your state’s EPA. Both should be able to provide a list of labs. You may have one close that you could even drop off the sample.