well WATER testing Lab????

We are looking for labs that can perform water testing at an economical cost for InterNACHI inspector. I was using ETR but the cost is to high ($150.00) + shipping and clients will not pay that kind of money (Cost + shipping + $50.00 profit margin) -Xwell water testing, they rather go to the local labs. Can you contact labs to support InterNACHI.

We were purchasing the kit (include the shipping container).
Anybody has any contact with a lab that can offer us a good deal (including shipping package)??

NICK, any idea (basic water testing/ mineral & bacteria):roll:

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I use the free lab kits supplied by the state. cost of analysis is $10.00. If I drop the sample at the county by Tue afternoon, there is no shipping, otherwise I fed ex to the lab.

I use EMSL for mold. They also do water analysis but I can’t find the price list right now. They have a lab in Orlando. You can contact Jason McDonald and work out a deal for shipping. Here is his info:
Jason McDonald
Regional Account Manager
EMSL Analytical, Inc.
407-375-9573 cell

The thing I have found out is that some of our lab’s in Florida, like Pro-Lab & EMSL, can perform the services but are not state licensed for water testing. So, if your test ever is questioned, it would pay to have the water tested by a state licensed company. You can check on your states website for a listing of accredited & licensed labs that can perform the type of tests needed - ie; bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, etc.

John, I use ETR labs and still make money. The kits are 44 dollars with shipping. You just have to make sure they give you the FHA kit in the box not the tube. I always mark on the boxes that its a water sample. I once sent a sample in and post office could tell there was liquid in it and put it on ground instead of air for safety.
I charge 150 so the for the samples.

I was using ETR however; the problem was that it will take to long to get the results back. Sometimes over a week. I was using the FHA test/w the mailing tube. I was charging my clients $125.00. When the closing on a house occurs within couple weeks we can not afford to wait for a lab test 7 to 10 days from the time the sample is shipped. Most inspections in our area occurs within the last few days for the client to complete their DD. I was hoping to find someone in Florida that can perform the analyses quicker at a reasonable cost/ including shipping. See Pro-lab is great:p with the Mold & Allergen results turn-around time. But the cost for the water testing is way too high and like you said they are not state licensed as fa as I know.

We were hoping the Sir Nick can find a lab for us that we can work with and make a reasonable profit:-k. We maight have to stay with ETR…

R/ John