Florida fix 2

468.8324 Current HI law 2010

Grandfather clause.

1(1) A person who performs home inspection services as defined in this part may qualify for licensure by the department as a home inspector if the person submits an application to the department postmarked on or before March 1, 2011, which shows that the applicant:
(a)Is certified as a home inspector by a state or national association that requires, for such certification, successful completion of a proctored examination on home inspection services and completes at least 14 hours of verifiable education on such services;

How about adding to (a) “proof of 3 yrs as a member of the association”

This would end weekend HI schools for Grandfathering.

I would like to see this also for Div 1 contractors, ICC and Code guys.

I like it…

Too late

Anything is better than nothing and this is what the original bill stated too, I don’t know what happened to the three-year clause that once existed, but I would be glad to see it returned.

Me too

Sounds good but, I think the furthest they’d be able to go back is prior to July 1, 2010 when they started excepting applicants for grand fathering. Even that’s better than what we have now though.

You could have taken this position when FLNACHI was chosen to be the proctor. You could have simply refused to give the test to anyone that could not provide proof of being in business for 3 years.

You could have refused to make a deal with AAA construction school. Their program would have never existed without a proctored exam. Why did FLNACHI make it so easy for anyone to get a license as long as they were able to breath and had $239.

The only way to end this practice is to now go to the media. I would also be willing to walk a picket line in front of both AAA construction school and the exam testing place. Let’s set up camp outside and start filming everyone. It has to stop!

I do not believe it is too late to have this amended (changed) in the bill. It apparently was an oversight in the writing of the bill.

The best that we can do now is to contact our Senator by snail-mail and an email. I believe what is on my post would work. I think it’s self-explanatory.
The Senate Bill SB 396 has at least two more committees to go through. More than likely there will be a House bill similar to it, which gives us more time to get the change, added if more time is necessary.

On a personal note I did not know about AAA construction school and InterNACHI partnership until this Sunday afternoon. I had no idea what was being talked about at the meeting Saturday. I Yahoo it and found out that InterNACHI is involved.

To set the record straight FL NACHI has never had contact with AAA construction school nor does FL NACHI support their efforts in any way.

Yet both are tied to INACHI. Just Nick covering his bets and playing both sides of the field. Smart guy, win win. I believe that he publicly is against licensing and yet sits and home and prays it happens. This grandfathering does nothing increase revenue for AAA Schools, FL NACHI AND INACHI. Name one person they ALL have in common…

Let me get straight on this… FL NACHI did not proctor the exam for AAA Construction School?

Do you know who did then?