Waterfall on exterior siding

I would’ve never noticed this if it didn’t start raining at the end of the inspection. Any helpful insight on why the water would be running down the siding like this? No signs of moisture intrusion in the attic on the sheathing (or leaks). I thought that it may be getting under the shingles some how, but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. When I posted this pic, I did notice the streaks on the front of the gutter, but when we were watching it at the inspection the soffit was dry. The gutter was plugged a bit, but draining, (halfway full of water) and this didn’t seem to have anything to do with it.


Any help or insight is always appreciated!

Looks like common gutter overflow to me, both on the front of the gutter and, eventually, down the siding.

By the look of the water marks on the gutter it did over flow, And just followed down the siding

Gutter installed way too high also, should be at least an inch below the projected line of the roof surface on a low-slope roof such as that. A common error, and even gutter guys don’t know how to install gutters positioned correctly.

unless your photo is tilted it looks to me like the gutter is pooling on the left and not draining roward the downspout.

If the gutter overflows, it will also back flow into the soffit.

You see it on the outside of the wall, it could very likely be on the inside of the wall as well.

This is a situation very similar to what could be occurring in your other post!

Moisture meters will not detect deep enough into a wall cavity.

This is a gutter maintenance issue that is the homeowners responsibility. Six years down the road when they remodel the house and find a rotten wall, you’re going to get a call.

If you pay close attention, even if it doesn’t rain you will see watermarks as a result of these conditions. Air pollution is sufficient to leave behind residue that is visible if you’re paying attention.

There’s no slope on that portion of the gutter and the water is accumulating at that particular end due to improper slope and overflowing. I don’t see a downspout there so this gutter should be sloping down towards the other end.

I’m in the gutter business. From the looks of the gutter in the picture, it’s not installed properly. It appears to be not properly pitched, and is probably plugged at the down spout. Another problem could be that the fascial trim is not up under the drip edge like it should be. Water flows behind the fascial trim, over the top of the soffit panels, and down the front of the siding. water could also be taking the route of old/enlarged gutter spike holes, behind the fascial, over the soffit panel, and down the siding. The shotty workmanship we see on a daily basis is unbelievable.

Dont forget that the weight of the water in the low end is pulling the gutter away and allowing water to go off the shingles then under the gutter instead of into it. I just looked at this pic again and noticed what I think is the edge of the gutter pulled away from the shingles in the middle area of your pic. This could happen when the water is not draining and the weight pulls the gutter away from its original location.