Mysterious water intrusion

Any idea what may be causing this, or how water is getting in ? Walls are CMU, stucco on the exterior. Kickout flashing appeared in good condition, no water marks or stains noted from inside the attic, but water is obviously getting in there somehow causing corrosion and for it to bleed down the wall as seen. Also noted some staining on the interior of the garage and the spot corresponds to where the stains are on the exterior. I’ve already sent the report, I’m just asking for my own knowledge, any help would be appreciated.

This is from inside the attic

This if the wall inside the garage. Stains in this wall correlates to the ones on the exterior.

Just throwing it out there as a possibility.

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Water is running down the top of the arch and causing the stucco bands (like drywall corner bead) to rust on the exterior wall.

If that interior garage wall pic is the same wall, it appears to line up with the same location, 1 row below the bond beam.


Moisture leaching out of soffit.


That’s what I was thinking too, I was just trying to figure out how it was getting to the top of the arch, since there’s an over hang over that. But then again it could be wind driven rain. I also considered maybe something with the angle the kickout flashing has? I guess what scott pointed out about the ponding can also be a possibility but I didn’t notice anything from inside the attic that would indicate water is getting underneath the shingles.

And you are correct, the stains visible from inside the garage lines up with that exact same location.

I though of that as well but what you see there is just just that the soffits are dirty.

Possibly water entering behind the kickoff flashing and getting behind the stucco and running down to the soffit and beyond…see pic. below.

Just a thought…



This looks like the most logical place to me, no gutters installed to help control water


It’s happing on both sides. No gutters, running down arched trim then down wall.


I think Neil has it. Gutters would help correct the problem IMO.


I would suspect the roof flashing. Where the stucco meets the shingles, water might be wicking its way up and in and then running under the shingles. Recommend a qualified roofing contractor do further evaluation and make necessary repairs.


Notice as well, the shingles are not overhanging the drip edge.


I never saw that as a problem in the past years Junior.

I’ve seen water run along the drip edge, when there’s no shingle overhang, and it can allow for water to seep in along the fascia. I’m not saying it’s causing the problem here. However, I do call it out when there’s no shingle overhang.


I agree with Neil. Water likely traveling along top of arch.

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It’s the rusty color that would bug me. Is it rust? What above here might be rusting?

@bnesbitt This was right above that wall in the attic and the rest was the poco tres I previously posted. All CMU from there on up.