Watermark in report

Does anybody know how to include a watermark in the report, I have seen a couple of you guys do it and it looks great, I been playing with HG for an hour and can’t figure it out.

Please help:D

Use the Nachi template with a watermark. Then substitute your graphic for the Nachi graphic in the code. I host mine on photobucket and use that link in the code wherever the Nachi graphic link is.

Or maybe I added the watermark to my HG graphics. It’s been awhile. But you need to play with the code for that Nachi template. That’s the easiest way. Unless you’re a code writer.

It is something to due with the coding, I’m not much of a computer expert, I think I can live without the watermark:cool:

Go herehttp://www.homegauge.com/posts/list/3694.page
Shawn. Detailed instructions

Or here http://www.nachi.org/forum/f83/adding-custom-watermark-96259/#ixzz3NUunBcXe

I just figured out how to do the backpage, I don’t know if I will do a watermark, my logo takes up too much of it. I don’t want it overpowering the inspection report. Thanks for helping me Frank, Hope all has been well with you and your keeping busy.

Scale it down and adjust the opacity.