Watter driping in varanda

7 year old house. In the spring when the snow is menting they get water dripping just out of the front door. The house faces to the north with an open street. They clame that there is no water in the summer when it is raining. Is this snow that gets into the soffits or has anybody had this problem.



Sounds like ice damming to me it melts when it gets warm .



Very possible. Do you think it would help if there was roof vents in this part?


XO concurrs!

Yes it could but remember to get air out you have to get air in.
So you could add soffit or Gable down low if possible, can not see ends.

When re-shingling I think it might be a good idea to cover it with Ice and water shield before shingles to the whole thing.
Do not forget the drip edge.
I also would install a barrier at the end of Velley to stop water overshooting the Gutter NOW!

How wide is the eave at the front door?
What is the slope of the roof?
How much snow is there when the leak happens?

There is a chance of ice damming but this usually occurs more outward within 1-3 feet of the roof edge unless there are special circumstances of very heavy snow buildup. Facing north, I might expect that snow may tend to blow off a roof from the prevailing roofs.

Since it faces north, could be a chance of fine snow blowing into the soffits.

Or could it be an air leak that caused a build-up of frost during the winter and then melting when it warms up. I have seen a few of these during my career.

Need more info.


don’t know who drew that diagram. It does explain what is happening but the graphics are off a bit…lower slope roofs 5-6 in 12 and lower are usually the problem:

-the diagram roof slope is 12/12. Unless there is a very special situation, water usually doesn’t back up much against that steep a grade. In fact, the NBC does not require eave protection such as Grace “Ice and Water Shield” after the slope is steeper than 8/12 as ice damming is generally not a problem on roofs steeper than that. I’ve asked roofers who are applying eave protection on slopes 8/12 or greater “Why are you doing that?”…answers: “It’s Code!!” I would like to them say once “We’re doing a better job and going over code.” Would start me having some confidence in them!!!

I took that to mean “just outside” the front door = the soffit.
Either way, you raise some good points and certainly more info would be helpful.

I used the picture for comparision .
Still stick with my previous post.

Just commenting on the picture; whoever drew it isn’t familiar with the situation.

Yes, it could be ice damming.

I understand your point about the slope, but I believe the picture is meant to show how an ice dam occurs. I’m 99% sure that there is (was - I didn’t read it, just looked at pic) text about the pitch of the roof and it’s effects.
The slope in this picture may have been exaggerated (steeper) to get all the information (text/drawings) in the space between the roof and the ceiling.

my .02

Remember, putting those lights in the soffit adds heat to the interior area, which will speed melting.

Thanks for all of the help. Have been away from the Internet for a few days so trying to catch up.

The Ice Damming is a great possibility but the snow going into the soffits might be better idea. This is happening in the spring. No snow on the roof. There is about a 4 foot overhang here. From my what I remember (no side picture) the roof runs off the side of the house. It is not connected to the house other than on the side of the wall.

Here is another picture of under the veranda. The water is coming just to the right of the light.


Correct me if i am wrong but ice damming only occurs when there is snow on the roof. Or can it happen in the winter and not know until the spring?


Last week did an inspection ,Big home took two of us 4.5 hours. ( owner is in Florida)
Got there at Noon , I was on the out side Char on the inside , She called me in to show water leak looked like it had just started , Called agent .
By the time he got there is was a good flow second agent arrives and they move furniture get mop buckets ect.
Yes it was strictly ice damming had not leaked until it got warm out side .
Yes the client bought the home Roof unfixed $10,000;00 reduction in price.
The client and agent both phoned 3 days later to thank us for our inspection and help and to tell about the price reduction.

Thanks Roy


The classic case of ice damming (seen in all diagrams) occurs when there is snow on the roof and conditions that allow thawing at the exterior shingle surface/snow interface and cold enough to allow freexing at the eave overhang.

Alo consider air exfiltration from a single hole in the house wall hidden by the entry roof overhang condensing and freezing during the winter and then thawing in the spring. Or it may be in the worst case, thawing of same in the upper wall running down to soffit.

One of my first investigations of this type of phenomena was a new hospital in PEI in 1988. Humidified air was escaping into the connected front entrance canopy over the driveway. It would freeze for a few very cold days/nights and with warming weather, rain down on anyone getting out of cars on nice sunny winter days!! Huge unsealed hidden holes from exterior walls into canopy!!