WDI cert. for Texas Inspectors

Trace Pharis is putting this training together for next weekend at my location. See attached .pdf and call Trace for more information.

Interesting…Is that really a legal way of doing it? (Honest question - as I always thought you had to actually serve an apprenticeship and/or work under another license for a while.)

I was under the same impression as well. Here is some information i found,


Yes, it is a legal way of doing it. The WDI’s are performed by the inspector under one of Traces’ companies depending on your location. You pay for the training so that you can get your applicable license to perform under Trace. Trace trains you so you can pass the exam, then you pay him a $25.00 for each WDI that you perform under his license. If you refer treatment to him, he gives you 10% of the cost of the treatment. After a year, if you want, you can go through the process to to operate a pest control company.

This is a good deal, most inspectors don’t want to operate a pest control busniness such as in my case. I also want to keep the 25k or so each year that I give away to termite inspectors. I will make more than that after getting 10% back on termite treatments.

For the $25.00 that you pay for each WDI, Trace also provides the insurance for each WDI that you perform and a structural termite warranty.

Call him if you are interested.

I’m interested, as I too would like to make the money I give away on WDI’s, as well as eliminate the hassle of scheduling them to come out.

I sent him an email.

Update… We have been working as apprentices for Trace and have finished all of our educational requirements to test for termites and pest control. We are taking the Commercial Techinican exams in Beaumont on April 4th.

Call Trace if performing your own WDI’s interests you. I have already offset the cost of training with dollars that have come in on WDI’s.

You can make money doing this even as you are training.

Trace Pharis 210-392-7980

Update - I’ve formed BUGCO Pest Control (TPCL 13959) company www.bugco.org and have licensed it with the Texas Structural Pest Control board. I have been performing my own WDI inspections, termite treatments and general pest control in conjunction with my home inspections. We have trained and are sponsoring three other inspectors in the Houston area who are now performing or are working towards performing their own WDI inspections.

I have room for only seven more inspectors in the Houston area who are interested in doing their own WDI inspections under our sponsorship and insurance. We can have you trained and licensed and making money on WDI’s within three months on average.

Quit giving money away every week to termite inspectors! Keep it yourself. Call me at 281-565-4677 or Trace at 210-392-7980 for the details.

Let me know when this is available in the Dallas area.


I am confused. Are you working for Trace or did you start your own company Bugco? How does this work again?


Initially, I did not want to start a Pest Control company. I only wanted to be able to do WDI’s. I started out being trained and sponsored by Trace under his Pest Control compnay in San Antonio so that I could do WDI’s. Since then, Trace has sold his company in SA, I started BUGCO Pest Control in Houston and Trace is now my licensed Certified Applicator for BUGCO Pest Control of Houston. Now, BUGCO Pest Control of Houston offers training and sponsorship for RE inspectors so that they can perform their own WDI’s.

Makes sense now.

See the attached flyer for the latest class.


Since our Houston classes/sponsorships have been a success. Classes are now forming for Dallas/Fort Worth. We have several inspectors confirmed and would like to form sponsorships for eight to ten Dallas area inspectors. Call me at 281-565-4677 or Trace at 210-392-7980 if you are interested. This is a great deal and it puts money in inspectors pockets quickly. This opportunity is open to all Dallas area inspectors.

John, how did the Dallas area training go? Do you have another session coming up soon?

The training for Dallas went well. More sessions to come in the new year. I’m working on streamlining the training and also cutting the cost.

Please let us know when you plan another class in Dallas, or maybe even in Houston.


Ken Garrett

WDI licensing seems fascinating. It varies so much by state.

In Indiana you take a 1 day class and pass the WDI inspectors exam and you’re a state licensed WDI inspector.

In Missouri, you read a book - take the applicators test (they don’t have just an inspectors test). Pass this and apply as a non-commercial applicator or similar AND you’re licensed.

If I understand correctly in Texas, its a real long process…

Are any classes planned for San Antonio

Are you still doing this?