WDI & Core Training for PA Exam

PA certified WDI inspection providers …

I would like to become a certified pesticide applicator in order to to provide a WDI inspection “form” in Pennsylvania. I have read a few discussions on this topic, but I have never found a source, or a recommendation for a training site to prepare for the exam. I have looked on the PA Dept of Agriculture site, but no courses are currently offered.

Can anyone suggest, or has anyone used a training provider, other than the PA Dept of Agriculture site ?

I’m hoping someone has experience with training, which would prepare me for the core exam as well as the Category 12 (Wood Destroying Pests) exam.

Any help would be much appreciated !

Jack Moreck
Insight Home Inspection, LLC
Kingston, PA 18704

Anyone can do a WDI inspection in PA. You do need a license to treat for them.


You do not need a pesticide applicators license to perform the inspection and provide the “form”. Although others may have had difficulties providing these inspections without an applicator license, we have had no problems. Ask the agents you work with. It may be localized…either with the hassle or non-hassle.

Be sure to check your insurance for a termite rider.

Good Luck

It really depends who you are working with in PA. Some lenders do not require a valid PCO license number. FHA loans will require you to have a license number. There are some FHA loan officials that overlook it, but a majority of the time you will be asked for a license number, certification number, and a signature on the form. Ask your client who their lender is, otherwise you may get stuck doing a termite inspection for free or having to pay a licensed PCO to redo what you already did.

The test requires a little bit of studying, but is easy enough to pass. Penn State sells the study guide materials, and that is all you are going to need to pass the Core and Cat 12 for PA DoA.


Hi Scott,

I looked at the link and did not see any current pricing. Do you have an idea as to the general cost of obtaining certification and how much it is to maintain it. Has that cost risen dramatically as radon certification fees have?



Thanks for pointing it out directly Scott.


Thanks for the information guys. I already have the study materials, but cannot find a “classroom” course to go along with them. I know that Nick posted regarding a PA approved NACHI course, but it is for recertification. So, I’m still looking for a classroom course to attend before I take the applicator exam.

What about filling out Form NPMA-33 ? It is my understanding that only certified applicators can complete this form. There is a place for the Company’s License #. Most of my clients expect this type of form to be completed after the WDI inspection. Does anyone know of an alternate form that would work for lenders and FHA ?

As before, any advice and information is much appreciated.

Jack Moreck
Insight Home Inspection, LLC


I don’t know of any classroom courses that are offered for initial certification. To be honest, it is not required to take your core and catagory 12 tests. The only courses I know are for recertification CE credits.

As for the NPMA 33…there are plenty of discussions on this board about being able to fill them out or not. Some guys do and never get questioned for a license number, other get questioned all the time. I can tell you that there are several publications and memos sent out by HUD/FHA requiring that a valid license and certifiaction number must be supplied as well as a signature on the form. FHA is really cracking down around me with the requirements a buyer must meet just to let you know. I know I am getting at least 6 phone calls after an inspection to rectify something new FHA has thrown in the buyer and realtors face last minute. I can only expect it is going to be like that all over soon enough.

You get 2 “core” credits with http://www.nachi.org/pa-dept-of-ag-approves-internachi-wdo-course.htm