PA termite certification

I seem to be having difficulty getting a straight answer about the PA requirements for being able to write a termite certification. Is the home inspection certification enough, or do I actually have to have a PA extermnator’s license to write certs? I did write termite certifications in the past, as an exterminator, had a PA pest licsense, but let it expire after getting out of that business. Isn’t the Pa license really for application purposes?

You need an applicators license to do the inspections and report.

I have a buddy who does mine.


It it not mentioned anywhere in the PA Dept. of Agriculture information that you need to be a licensed pesticide applicator in order to complete an WDI inspection in the Commonwealth of PA. Anyone can conduct a WDI inspection because there is no certification or license set aside for that specific task. The misconception that you need to be a licensed PCO in PA in order to do a WDI inspection comes from HUD/FHA several years ago when they sent out a memo to all offices under their control. The memo basically stated that HUD/FHA will not accept WDI inspections performed by anyone other than a state licensed PCO with a valid certification and pesticide applicator’s business license listed on the NPMA 33 form. This triggered home inspectors to take the course required to get certified and pay the required fees in order to become listed as a pesticide applicator. The problem with this is that the PA DoAg requires that you have a specific amount of insurance that covers application of pesticides. Our E&O providers typically do not cover us for this which puts us at a Catch 22. The way that insurance companies have worked around it is that they will cover you for the license requirements as long as you sign an affidavit stating that you will not engage in the application of pesticides.

Great information. Thank you.

I was curious to know how you made out with the Termite inspection issue…

Scott is correct.


On all accounts?

Everything I see says I have to be licensed as an applicator.