WDO Inspections Selling Points


First post. Wanted to hear some good selling points for WDO inspections. I had a client question adding on a WDO inspection.

Client response: “Is it worth paying the extra fee and aren’t you kinda inspecting for termites anyways with your home inspection? Shouldn’t you be looking in all the areas termites might be during your inspection? I just don’t see what the difference is?”

Has anyone ran into these types of questions? Any helpful tips on responding to questions like this would be great.


We do several things differently when we do a WDO report, including looking for termites at the foundation(mulch), drywoods in the soffit and tapping baseboards for damage.

Of course I look for WDI during a Home Inspection, but here in AZ you need a License to mention Termites. If someone needs a report specifically for Termites they need to pay the fee.

I would tell them you do two seperate reports, and if the want a report for WDI(Termites) than there will be an additional fee.

Pay me, don’t pay me, I don’t care… just don’t go all HVAC/IR dude on me and talk my ear off about it

I had a Realtor questioning me about holding both a Termite License and a Home Inspection License and if it was a conflict of interest…

I said, “Of course it is a conflict of interest, if you are a Termite”.