Termite Inspections

How many of you do Termite Inspections also. I have lost a couple of inspections because I do not do termites. There is a company in Orlando that says they will train you and you will a part-time employee with a WDO card. I sure you split the money with them.

Is this a poll???

Yes I do WDI inspections.

Our Company is a Licensed Pesticide Business in Pennsylvania.

All Inspectors are Licensed Pesticide Applicators.

WDI Inspections…No problem.

I do them. Missouri Certified Non-Commercial Applicator License.

Pennsylvania Licensed Pesticide Applicator here.

Be carefull not fully legal in Florida.

I do WBI Inspections.

What Carl said…just heard FL is getting ready to crack down on folks doing WDO/WDI inspections who are not qualified and tighten up on those requirements. Give me a call and I can put you in touch with one of the guys locally who is sitting on that board.

I do them in Ohio. Regulated through the Ohio Dept of Agriculture.

Do you have E&O for your inspection business or just for the WDI?

If you are missing work because you are not certified by a regulatory body to do WDO or WDI then it would be in your best interest to do so. We in Idaho do not have to be certified in anything we do (literally anything) however in the interest of bettering ourselves we have certifications in many aspects of the inspection industry, I have chose to study and attend classes in Washington state due to their strict guidelines in inspecting for WDO’s (very thorough) Plus I used to inspect there as well.

Check with the local dept of agriculture to see what requirements if any are needed and then make your decision, either way its in your best interest to be certified before they crack down on it, (grandfathered in per say). Don’t forget to look into insurance its a nail bitter for some.

Also don’t get wrapped up in splitting money with other companies.
do the schooling or education and then make it all yourself. It defiantly gives you a greater sense of accomplishment.
Heck if all goes well you could be certified within a month or so, here’s a note for you contact a local terminex or other similar company and ask to go on ride along’s so you can get field work, this will help you in your ID section of your tests.

Wish you the best of luck keep us posted of the how they are going to crack down.

Thanks Troy

I have heard that they are going to crack down for over 5 years now. They still haven’t done anything and I doubt that they ever will.

No courses offered In Canada ,
Any ideas re on line courses appreciated.

Greg, down here in my neck of the woods, I have a certified company that goes out and does it for me and only charges me $20.00. They look hard to find of course. I am always there at the same time and keep thier inspectors honest. And trust me, it isn’t just about them getting the business to treat or tent if they find termites or other WDO’s. Most times they don’t find them and it’s still just $20.00. It really has worked out for me. I charge a bit more and make a little and everyone is happy.


Hi Humberto,

Sounds like you have a good system. Keep up the good work.

Hi Greg


I carry E&O for both regular and WDI.

Hi Gary

Thanks Bobby,
I have everything completed to do WDI, except E&O, I can’t find anyone to write me a stand alone policy.