WDO Inspections

Hello, I have read many threads but I wanted to ask specifically. I live in the Orlando area, do most of you refer out the WDO’s that your client wants or do some of you perform both inspections? If you do, have you had success with performing both?

You do know you have to work for a termite company or be a CPO in order to do termite inspections

You can not do WDO inspections in Florida without a proper ID card from a pest control company.

I tell my clients to find their own wdo inspector…and pay him separately from me.

Yes I do. We were working with a WDO guy but he’s not very professional. We have been waiting for an ID card for over a month. Just wondering if others had luck with a WDO guy and doing the WDO’s with an ID included in the inspection

Thank you for the feedback. That’s what we have ultimately decided to do. Less chance for liability.