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Hi everyone,

I apologize for this post as I know this question has been asked before in the past but I would like to make sure I fully understand what we can and can’t do in regards to anything WDO related.

From what I can tell, home inspectors can’t:
-advertise WDO inspections
-perform WDO inspections
-fill out the WDO inspection checklist found on the InterNACHI website
-say that wood damage is due to WDO in a home inspection report
-do anything related to WDO

I ask this because i’ve used home inspectors in the past (when I was buying a home) and I was charged a fee for a termite inspection. Recently, i was working with a client who’s realtor requires a WDO report as part of her (the realtor’s) contract. In this situation, would I perform the home inspection and then recommend a pest control company to perform the WDO?

I’m also assuming the InterNACHI WDO course doesn’t do anything for home inspectors in Florida either?

Thanks in advance for any replies. Just trying to wrap my head around all of this and staying within the law.

-advertise WDO inspections…Nope!
-perform WDO inspections…Nope!
-fill out the WDO inspection checklist found on the InterNACHI website…For sure not.
-say that wood damage is due to WDO in a home inspection report…Yes you can, but you have to refer all WDO’s to a license Florida bug contractor.
do anything related to WDO …That was answered already.

That’s exactly what I thought. Thank you for confirming!

Unless you are a card holder from the department of agriculture. The home inspection company must have a certified operator.

I don’t understand this. If you have taken the WDO course, why can’t you “inspect” for WDO? Why do you need an “applicators” license to simply state that there are termites present? I’m not a termicide tech or applying any kind of pest control. That would still be up to a pest control professional.

Some states have restrictions. In GA, I can and do inspect for WDO/WDI and report on it. However, this is not the same as a GA Wood Infestation Report, which must be performed by a licensed pest control contractor.

Where are you located?

Hey Brian, located in central Florida. I didn’t realize until I got to the end of the WDO course that you aren’t allowed to do WDO inspections or even advertise them unless you have a lot more credentials. Just seems ridiculous to me that you can’t even tell a client, “Yes, those are termites or carpenter ants”. Inspection and mentioning, is not assessing or performing pest control.

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@mgoldenberg could provide the best explanation for this. He’s in FL and wears both hats.

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Structural Pest Control Act, Chapter 482 , Florida Statutes, and the associated rules, Chapter 5E-14, Florida Administrative Code

There is a promulgated form that must be used. DACS 13645
The inspector using the form must have an “ID card” authorizing use.

To obtain an ID card you must be an employee of a licensed pest control firm with a “State Certified Operator” in charge of operations.
There a 4 different categories for the operator to be licensed in.
General Pest Control/Rodent~Termite/WDO~Lawn & Ornamental~Fumigation.

After holding your ID card for 3 years & the operator has filled out the form certifying you have performed the required number of inspections, treatments, etc-you then are eligible to take the state exam to be licensed yourself.
The only way around that is you can qualify for exams if you have a degree in entomology, biology, etc.

There are heavy fines for companies that may “pay an operator” to be in charge of the operation, or a home inspector having a ID card so he can perform WDO reports but someone is paying a fee for it & not an employee.
This is called renting a license & will cost ya tons if you get caught.

There was a company down here called Ship Shape Pest Control.
The business license was revoked for life after the certificated operator was caught renting the license & was not actively in charge of the operations.
There are now gone.
**ps… not my buddy Curt Arnold of Ship Shape Home Inspections.

Don’t listed to non-licensed CRAP that can make it part of your home inspection, blah blah blah & good luck!
<MG State Lic Pest Control~Termite~Lawn & Ornamental Operator #2446 :cowboy_hat_face:


Hey Jonathan
for the record, carpenter ant & carpenter bees are not considered a wood-destroying organism in Florida.

Any idea why WDO questions are on the state exam if we can’t say anything about it on an inspection?

Call DBPR & let us know