Can we do WDO reports?

Hey Guys I need some help quickly if possible. I am having issues finding a reliable termite inspector and I wanted to know if we are able to do any WDO reports yet or anything as a termite inspection using only my home inspector license ? I am in Florida . Any feed back would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks guys

No…you can not

What part of Florida are you located?

There are about a zillion PCO’s around, I’m sure you can find one to take care of your client’s WDO needs.


You need an ID card from a FL Licensed PCO (Pest Control Operator). Either as an employee or similar arrangement.

Go to the FL DACS site for info…

Cooper City… I don’t know any termite tappers up there, maybe someone else can help. For the OP just tell them… "that a special license is required in Florida to perform termite inspections, we recommend you internet search Cooper City termite inspector and find a licensed WDO inspector.

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In Florida and many other states we cannot.
This comes down to businesses with lobbyists shutting out competition at some point. I worked as a WDO inspector for a national pest control company in Florida. Their “Inspections” were sales calls. They loved the free business from Home Inspectors, and actually had a company policy not to pay inspectors who use them. I know the inspector is not ethically supposed to take compensation, but the existence of the policy just highlights the fact that they know they have a lock on the business.
Some would argue that the rules are there to assure public safety by assuring the WDO inspector is well trained. When I started I was given a study guide and took the state licensing test in house. A few pointers and off to the first appointment. The reality is it is not rocket science, there is the possibility of training and testing that would create perfectly competent inspectors. Insurance would cover the liability.
If you’re still not convinced, just look at the fact that one of the requirements is; you have to be an employee of a Licensed Pest Control Provider. If you want to just start your own pest control company you have to get the Master Pest control license. To get that you have to basically request a previous pest control company you worked for for years to sign off that you took job lead for so many jobs on multiple types of pest control. They don’t do that unless you are a company man and show you will be taking over one of their branches. Or you can get a BA degree in Entomology.
What I would like to see is the Home Inspection trade start asking the state legislators if these requirements are locking home inspectors out unnecessarily. I would argue that the Pest control company has a conflict of interest if push comes to shove.

WDO inspectors typically use specialized tools during the process. If they find evidence of an infestation, they’ll mention this in their report along with treatment estimates and recommendations for remediation. Evidence of prior infestations will also be noted.