We bought another home back. I'm giving $15K cash to any member who wants to buy it. Instant equity

We bought another home back under the “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee.

It had a broken GFCI. We listed it today:


We are offering $15K cash to any member who wants it. This way, you’ll have instant equity.

Your payment would be about $550/month.

Other documents: 4901 Buchanan Ave SW, Wyoming, MI for sale. - InterNACHI®

Based on those photos, I’d love to see a copy of that report. So just how bad is the foundation leaking??
I suspect someone should give Bubba Mark a call. He operates in Michigan. :wink:


It had a broken GFCI

But Jeff it’s just another buyback with a faulty GFCI. :wink: :lying_face:


A GFCI? Really? Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just replace the GFCI?


Do your own inspection of course, and use an InterNACHI member who participates in the “We’ll Buiy Your Home Back” Guarantee, just in case you want to unwind the deal.

We paid the previous owner for some work and testing including:

Gas line replaced: Cost: $1,658.
Absolute Solutions: VOC air quality and mold testing. No mold. Cost: $640.
Lead and asbestos inspection. None found. Cost: $295
Inspection and radon testing. Passed. Cost: $400.
Total reimbursed = $3,210.59

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So you paid the previous owner $3,210.59 and bought the house back because of a faulty GCFI?

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Yes. In reverse order of your sentence.

And we paid the commissions on all sides of both deals.

It appears that every potential buy-back candidate gets a surprise visit from some “corporate fixer” who then “reminds” the client it’s in everyone’s best interest to blame the faulty GFCI for their woes.

That way, the real reason is never mentioned and can remain undisclosed in future transactions.


Here are all the disclosures and inspection reports: 4901 Buchanan Ave SW, Wyoming, MI for sale. - InterNACHI®


And repairs made: 4901 Buchanan Ave SW, Wyoming, MI for sale. - InterNACHI®

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$15K subsidy on a $133K house??? That’s a no-brainer. I’d personally be buying every one of these except our CPA says it would put InterNACHI’s tax-exempt status at risk if I did.


This industry has been reduced to soft reports and the reliance on warranty’s over detailed reporting. This is a soft report filled with photos of unreported defects.

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Five years ago that home was priced at $75,000. Looking at the photographs today that valuation seems about right.

Wish I was in a financial position to purchase this myself, I’d rent it to my cousin who lives in that area!

@gromicko do you have mortgage company contacts in that area and/or offer in-house financing?

What is this…flexible aluminum dryer duct on furnace flue?

The main service panel requires more than 6 hand movements to shut off…is there a main disconnect somewhere?

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The report indicated prior leaks in the kitchen sink cabinet, but failed to mention the substandard installation of the drain.