We need an English-to-Spanish document translator!

This would be a paying position for someone to translate our various InterNACHI documents (inspector agreement, Code of Ethics, etc., etc.). Please contact Nick at nick@internachi.org directly with your capabilities and availability, or pass this message along to some qualified individual you know who may be interested.


Por qué no te lo uno en línea de forma gratuita?

Robert Smith wrote:

Wise guy, huh? We need to hire a translator just to translate that! But I’m guessing that you’re asking why there’s no mention about how much pay??? That’s a Nick question. I’m just beating the bushes for interest, first.

(And if you asked something else, habla Engles, por favor!) :mrgreen:

No mention of pay in what I wrote, money is usually the last thing from my mind. Have you found any takers yet? There are going to be some issues with translating some written English into Spanish because there are around 937 different Spanish dialects.

I guess we’re looking for the most “generic” type of Spanish translation – not Spain-Spanish, nor Central or South American Spanish – just Mexico-origin Spanish (and I realize there are numerous dialects in Mexico itself) so that such documents can be understood by the broadest spectrum of Spanish speakers. We have such a huge population of Mexican transplants and Spanish speakers here in the U.S. alone that our need is pretty great to get our stuff translated as soon as is practical.

No takers yet, but I’ll be advertising outside of InterNACHI, too.

Well if it comes down to it and you absolutely can’t find anyone else in the entire world to do it then I will. But only as InterNACHI’s very last resort.

My Spanish is too limited.

Hope someone will help!


Thanks for the offer, Robert! :slight_smile:

Try calling Louis Montez in Denver. He recently retired due to health reasons I believe. He could probably help. He is a NACHI member.

Another option would be to check with CAHREP.org. This is the Colorado Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. I’m a member. They might be able to take care of you.

I have been asked if there is a Spanish version of the NOW book. It would be great if there was.


Thanks, David!

I’ll pass along your suggestion for a Spanish version of the “Now” book to Ben – that’s an excellent idea.

You could also just use google translate and save the money for most of the work. Works pretty well.


I sometimes go to or call the local college and/or university and hire a part-time student to do some work for me in certain areas that require a certain skill set. I would say go to their language department or to the administrative office to find a student looking for work. You might be surprised at the talent you get at a very reasonable labor rate…

Kate - surprisingly I know a couple of people here in the mountains that are fluent in Portugeuse, German, French and Spanish. They might be interested in doing some contract work for NACHI. Let me know if you are interested and I can make intros.

I took two years of Spanish, my class was during lunch so I was always starving. I would get some hot rolls from the lunch room and sneak them to class. The teacher, being a large woman with a good sense of food presence would always yell at me “No es el restaurante!”

So I know that and also I know how to ask “Es la senorita en la casa?”

Who told that the Mexican Spanish should be the one for the correct translation? What about Puertorican or Cuban? Why not check with our compadres in Puerto Rico I bet there will be some takers. Neither Puertorican nor Cubans understand Mexican Spanish. But Mexican understands our Spanish, no offense…

My staff is fully bilingual, perhaps one could do it on the side? 305-759-4587

I am a licensed public translator; university degree.(Argentina).
Neutral Spanish, not just Mexican.
Let me know if you need help :slight_smile:

Anyone who is interested or knows someone who is interested in this position should send their resume as a PDF attachment to a brief email stating their interest to:
We really need a pro with some document-translation experience because the job entails a lot of work involving legal and technical language.

(Online translators just won’t cut it.)