We opened up a house foundation and found it was failing lol

Part 1-
2:30 heavy stones near-against wall doesn’t help the wall, mistake

3:40 somebody previously slapped some tar/visqueen on wall, backfilled with same crap soil, mistake

4:30 guy isn’t thinking… there IS a lot of water inside blocks, it can build-up and get trapped INSIDE the cores… it’s been entering the blocks through the exterior cracks in wall

4:45 placing some soil along open trench not a good idea, sheesh n they have equipment too, sooo easy yet so hard for some

6:10 bowed in

7:15 water continues coming out of blocks

9:50 some cracks continue away-from where they are working… might wanna get those too while you have things torn up and have equipment etc on-site but whatever

Part 2–
:01… note the outline (top) of dirt/grade, especially under door

1:45 hello Mr Tree, and roots

3:55 1’ of water in trench, maybe more lolol… ‘We’re going to bring UP the grade’, well okay BUbba but that means MORE weight against that wall, not good idea

6:05 they begin placing heavy stones right at corner/back, added weight, not good

9:35 RAISED GRADE, more soil, heavy rocks does NOT help the wall baby!

they can try n divert water further away from house/back wall all they like, fine, okay, but on longer, heavier rains the soil under the addition is still going to get WET, just saying.

that tree that was cut down, dunno if some of the roots help cause the cracks… with that area being dug n somewhat waterproofed before, the roots that MAY have grown towards house/back wall are gone from previous dig.

in no way would i have RAISED the grade as they did,nor put those stones back in, more weight against a compromised wall

This is the BEST resource code requirement I found for concrete block foundation repair! Explains everything in plain language!!

Link: https://wafrp.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/2017_UBC_Foundation_Repair_Code.pdf

Seems they should not have used stone mixed with earth; the stone product is supposed to be clean for good drainage:

“Stone Backfill – Clear crushed aggregate 3/4” to 1” diameter used to backfill excavations. Stone backfill allows for water to migrate easily towards the drain tile located at the basementfooting elevation. Additionally, stone backfill will have minimal settlement around the perimeter of the building after backfilling.”

Re-posting deleted video: https://youtu.be/VOJyov5oCXg


lolooll OConnor or friend again, how ya doin buddy?

i’ll play for a moment…
video that WAS posted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOJyov50CXg&t=21s

one doesn’t need a machine, one can hand dig just about as fast… and safer cuz um, ruining grass or concrete slabs (walks, drive,patio), or underground lines and so on but yeah sure go 'head n use equipment

lemme put it this way, if and when ALL the homeowners problems are EXT cracks, cracked ext parging etc in the friggin walls then there is NO NEED for any INT system as you bring up but again, do what ya like.

‘This guy (video) seems to have it right’, hahahaa, Dan-O, as i mentioned initially, have any cold brews?

In your video ya posted, here’s my quick repsonse,

  1. yeah sure, true-- dealing with some local B inspectors, the city sure can be a pain in the azz and yes they certainly can be incompetent on this subject, indeed.

  2. 19:55 mark of Dan-O video, he says he is getting 2 tons of stone for backfill and then he will put same soil back in, mistake, that’s cheap way to go, NOT doing the best thing for homeowner with walls like that, NOPE!

  3. 23:30 of his video, look at that shtt, visqueen along top dangling, what loollll he used wood and nails to hold it up? hahahahahahahaaaa wow, such professional work, not.

ok there ya go, gave you plenty to biiiitch back n cry about, let her rip big guy.

disagree, NOT the best pfft.


I re-posted the video you commented about. Here it is with a working link: https://youtu.be/VOJyov5oCXg. As far as the video, he may have used the visqueen with wood nails to hold it up as a temporary measure, because he had to wait for the inspector approval for so many days and the chimney was not support by the ground he dug out and could collapse at any time, I think he had to backfill what he dug out to put pressure on the chimney to hold it in place.

I did not understand a few abbreviations in your post:

“EXT cracks” - what does EXT stand for?
“INT system” - stands for what?



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