John McEwen basement waterproofing videos

One of a few on this planet that ‘get-it’, got that?
Show them John, try and teach 'em some damn thing please, ty. …damproofing (duh, bye bye, it’s gone!)… waterproofing, damproofing, waterproofing.

Show 'em John…

hairline horizontal, step crack and other exterior gaps/openings… and he backfills with ALL gravel/stone, very important (read below link by John)
… backfill with clean stone only (NOT a piddly six inches, the whole thing!)

…from the INEPT to the out and out SCAMS… interior basement systems and so on, that’s right.

Here’s one for you John, they backfilled this with the SAME shtty soil, mistake baby, as you know.
:50 exterior corner cracks
1:30 … 2:30 horizontal crack, another corner crack, yep just a bit wider

Here we are doing a small job where the previous homeowner had an INTERIOR basement system installed, it still leaks, mold and efflorescence on inside blocks…

See the corner crack… another STEP crack etc etc

There’s NOTHING wrong with the FOOTING. Just because a step crack exists does NOT mean there is a problem with the footing!!! Rarely have we seen THAT, 38 g dang years. Tired of hearing THAT incompetent nonsense from some home inspectors or city inspectors etc, shut…up.

John, have you read a little of the DUMB< incompetent bulshtt from some of the Nachi inspectors here? loool
They say I, those like us, don’t know shttt, have big mouths etc etc…loooooooooooooool

THEY go to people’s homes and pretty often don’t even see/catch some-all of the cracks etc in foundation walls OR, tell homeowners (BUYERS), to jusy… watch it. Or, they’ll tell the seller to raise and slope the grade and that will solve 90% of ALL leaky basements! Hhahhahhaahahaaaaaaaa

Backfill with most/all GRAVEL… why?? Here’s one builder who ‘gets it’…6th paragraph

U S Army Corps of Engineers says…
PER vertical cracks, STEP cracks, horizontal cracks…Page 2
"Cracking can also occur when stresses induced by lateral pressure exceed the strength of the concrete OR CMU wall.
The most common crack pattern originates in the corners, radiates up or down/45 degree angle (a step crack duh!)
…often these cracks terminate in a long horizontal fracture…the third crack type is VERTICAL

Yet quite a few home or city inspectors and pretty much ALL interior basement system companies lie, misrepresent one of more of the crack types mentioned above and incompetently tell homeowners their house is always… SETTLING when they see/have 1 or more of these cracks. BULLLLLLshttttttt.

Donan Engineers, basement wall failures

In part they try and tell your dumb azz’z, “Typically, the failure is NOT from hydrostatic pressure, but from the SOIL re–expanding or sloughing…”

One reason why ya should be backfilling with all gravel.

Donan adds, ‘In simple terms, a basement wall fails when the pressure of the SOIL exceeds the lateral strength of the wall’
Yeah, this is what we’ve most often seen as well but sometimes a wall can crack, bow in from a combination of things such as, underground tree roots, concrete slabs or a porch/garage footing that leans/pushes against a foundation wall, as well as soil.

“Unbalanced FILL is simply the height of the fill against the outside of the basement wall. To RAISE the fill… the wall would need to be constructed HIGHER and even then, only in certain soils”
Stop telling people to raise the grade 99’…these walls were NOT constructed to withstand the added weight. Same goes for pouring concrete ON TOP of concrete, higher and higher it’s poured against walls that weren’t constructed to withstand the extra weight. Then, some concrete contractors actually use reinforcing rods in the concrete and TIE it, run it INTO the damn foundation wall!@##$$#@! And, for instance, the city of St clair Shores ‘okays’ that, passes that dumb shttt on their inspections!@@#@!! What a bunch of incompetent clowns.

NO interior basement system and sump pump, that some home and city inspectors and some inspector organizations like to PUSH ON unknowing homeowners, removes,relieves,reduces ANY of these exterior pressures/weights NOR do they seal/waterproof any exterior crack or other exterior openings in walls, that’s right kiddies. Some in the media and some realtors also push these scamming companies on homeowners, yep.

Previously installed interior basement system and sump pump… video, see the g damn corner crack, and horizontal crack at 3:15 mark…

Buyers are out many thousands of $$$$$$$$, thanks inside system azz holes!
They will need more exterior waterproofing in the near future, obviously, and they know this.
Lateral SOIL pressure caused these cracks, NOT settling of the stupid house… azzhole liars.

Short video, an interior basement system was installed + sump pumps… then the basement wall bowed in, more cracks, Say again, interior systems do not remove, relieve,reduce exterior soil pressure or remove underground roots or concrete etc that cause many waslls to crack, leak, bow in.

Yet another interior system company fk’d up…they sure as hllll did. Misrepresenting, lying about the actual problems, causes and REAL g dang solution. And ONE more time, we have quite a few HOME and CITY inspectors who always highly recommend these kinds of companies to homeowners, what a bunch of wonderful people they are huh

Too long for some nachi inspectors? Huh? Can’t understand it? Fine, I hope and pray more of you will lose your inspection fees or get your azz’z sued because you deserve it and, you are fking over homeowners/buyers

Here’s some of what i g dang mean about ‘some’ home inspectors negligence on this subject.
Beams were installed inside and a partial interior system.

The home inspector thinks all this was a-ok and actually claims at 3:55 that the interior basement system that was installed, "helps these foundation issues’… incompetent bullshttt.

He also calls the interior system ‘waterproofing’, and it is NOT.
The interior system that was installed did NOT stop the water from where it was and still is, entering, morons. It did not WATERPROOF the existing exterior defects in the walls.

IF…he/other HI’s reallllllly wanted to help their clients he would have talked about/brought up, and found out whether the exterior walls were dug out and waterproofed (not damproofed) and backfilled correctly with all gravel!
INSTEAD… he doesn’t even touch upon this exxxxtermely important point.

Be fkkkg cause, NO beams and no interior basement system (just like the partial piece of shtt system installed in video), removes, relieves, reduces ANY exterior weight/pressure OFF the g dang walls!

NOR have the installation of the beams or interior system repaired/waterproofed the exterior cracks, cracked parging!@@#@!!!

So I’d bet most who would view this video or any video like it, would come away (IF they believe this incompetent inspector) feeling like the foundation walls are now fine, will never move, leak again. Total bullshttt.

IF a home inspector is going to report on a foundation wall, cracks, leak and supposed previous repairs then, they need to know wtf they are yapping about!!! incompetent fks