A great Christmas gift for your favorite real estate agent.


When are the book going to be sent out?

I talked to them yesterday and looks like shipping is to start today .
Will let you know when I receive mine
Roy Cooke

Shipped all day today.

Here is the letter included (Keith wrote it for me so that I sound smart):

Dear Inspector,

Thank you for ordering a copy of NACHI’s Manual for a Happy Home to review. I’m sure that you’ll feel, as I do, that it’s a truly professional manual and maintenance guide. However, consider this. Image is important. For instance, you don’t show up for inspections in a bathrobe and slippers, you dress appropriately. So, why not buy the manual at bulk rates and dress-up your reports? Include the manual with your reports and it will serve at least two purposes, a thoughtful house-warming gift and a professional addendum to your report.

And it can serve yet another purpose. Once you’ve become familiar with the manual, you can quite literally refer to it in your reports. For example, many of your clients don’t understand what happens when filters are not changed regularly. Of course, they cannot see inside an evaporator coil, but you could direct them to a picture in the manual that leaves little doubt about what can happen. And this is very important; because you’re not only educating your clients you’re also protecting yourself against those petty nuisance calls when things do go wrong. The manual can be many things to many people, a gift, a marketing tool, a maintenance manual, and a reference guide, which is precisely why I commissioned it in the first place. It’s the sort of professional document that distinguishes NACHI inspectors from all others. Once again, congratulations on your purchase of the manual. Continue to promote our professional image, and make NACHI proud.


Nick Gromicko,
*Founder *

*The cost of the manual $4.50 each for a case of 40 ($180.00) and includes free shipping. *


Is a version available in French :wink:.

I’ve been giving them to my favorite agents and the response has been great. They really like that the manual is “brought to you by the nations largest home inspection organization” NACHI


I win!
Brian Shriver
4014 Italy Hill Rd
Branchport, NY 14418
Size: Large

Yes Please!


Skyler Phillips
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