Hey Nick, sign me up

Hey Nick… I see you are playing the same game you play with new inspectors for nachi membership to get new inspectors $s

Cash Flow a little short, again…??:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

*IE: *Hurry up and send your $s to be a cmi, NOW, because soon their are going to be annual dues and enforced, verified requirements by an owner of inspector school for cmi’s…
Since this according to you, this cmi gimmick is a valuable credential limited to only the best , wouldn’t another "new " tactic to get additional $s be more appropriate when your attempting to scam yet another group of HI ?? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I do have a problem “IF” they started charging annual dues for the CMI designation…because it was pushed as a “one-time-fee” but I don’t know where you get your info from…I heard nothing about that in regards to annual dues.

Never, ever…has dharris ever allowed facts to get between he and his prejudices.:wink:

Dan is correct. Nick stated this in another thread.

I remember that too, Jeff.

Dan, can you elaborate on that statement?

Marcel :slight_smile:

Read all about it. . .


Me elaborate ??? :roll: :roll: :roll: … This is the exact post from nick… from the insane cmi deal post…

From what I know of Michael and Jeff, there certainly will [size=6]never be a relaxing of requirements.
Also Jeff P… Michael tells me he’s ending the 1-time, life-time fee and going to annual dues for future applicants soon. [size=5]So get your application in quick.
Michael promised to post his plans here soon.

Ahh…stand corrected and made my comments on it…sorry Dan!

It does have a ring of familiarity to it…but such marketing methods are fairly effective. I can’t fault them for trying to gin up interest in the designation, although I think that more positive reaction/interest from veteran inspectors has been in response to the potential sitiffening of requirements and making this a more meaningful and difficult to obtain designation.

We will know that it is stricktly marketing if they discuss capping CMI membership next.:wink:

I’m an inspector and a vendor, and certainly not a psychologist, and I don’t claim to understand Nick. However, what I can tell you as a vendor is that Nick only ever asked me one thing, and that repeatedly: “What can you do for my inspectors?” Nick is a one-man-band, and has done more for inspectors than any other individual in the history of the inspection industry.

Hey; I will go along with that one and hopefully not feel so stupid like asking Dan to elaborate!!!

Marcel http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/36/36_1_11.gif


Dang it all… :roll: :roll: :roll:

I was doing sooo good and getting green boxes, and now 2 gave me a red box for exposing the truth posted by nick] about yet another last resort gromicko gimmick to increase his cash flow on this project before it’s to late and enforced requirements, ie: less $s for nickey take effect …:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I have been with NACHI for a very short time,and have only met Nick once[Vegas] I think or at least I would like to think I’m a good judge of character and Nick is a class act.,I agree with Keith on his statement about Nick.I know that I would not have had this much help from any other HI org.

CMI allthough I’m not a member * I think it helps us North of the border.We can’t use the designation CHI in Ontario.*

Mario… How often have you tried to get information from experience HIs from other orgs??

Yes everyone may have different experiences. My experience was, and now I and over a 100 local inspectors try to do the same for new inspectors that show they are commented to our profession.
When I first started I was the new guy around and was not accepted with open arms , untill I proved my commintmet to the profession by attending local CE, after the established inspectors saw me 4 or 5 times, they not only gave me valuable marketing information and valuable inspection knowelge at , between and after the CE seminars they soon started remembering me by referring me if they could not do an inspection in time.

Kinda like the thery. You need to contact a reltor several time for them to consider referring you, only different because your dealing with professionl HI commited to providing a professional HI to the public based on their years of experience and continued CE.

With out that additional information and HI knowelge from local inspectors on local marketing and HI inspecting issues I have no dought that I would be in another profession by now.

Thanks to ? for the green box…
Was that you nick in an attempt to get this post to over a 1,000 views?? :slight_smile: :)*

You are blaming Nick for the actions the CMI president. Give him a chance to review them and respond. Perhaps Rowan has jumped the gun.


The reason you were not excepted by HI with open arms was that they looked at you as competition not because they wanted a commitment.
When they realized that you were here to stay,they excepted you.They had no choice.

Dan I have an appointment at 3 will get into this later with you.

Have a nice day!


Being from Canada and seeing how ASHI NORTH ( OAHI /CAHPI) and being a member before I joined NACHI I do have some experience .
Not being an Home Inspector as Long as you but having known some exceptionally close who have been in the “Other association” I do have to say there is no comparison as to what they do and what NACHI does for the Home inspectors . I do know I can not ask on the Other association Bulletin Boards questions of any sort . I do know that you can ask questions on the BB I am sure you could not ask on the ASHI BB. I do know that the questions you ask would have a member of ASHI North ( OAHI/CAHPI removed immediately with no explanation and no appeal.
I think I can tell what association is run like a dictatorship and it is not NACHI .
I do know I sent a complaint into ASHI on Nov 15th and have not had the courtesy of an answer.
I do know I sent a letter to CAHPI in Sept and have not had the courtesy of a reply .
I do know I have sent mail to NACHI and have always had a reply some times in Minutes .

Roy Cooke Dam Proud to be a CMI

They did have a choice.

One difference between me and some others, I soon accepted the fact that I didn’t know a darn thing thought I did after completing an online HI course, and even passed nicks online quiz and paid nickey 289.00 to be “certified” :slight_smile: :), until I started reseaching and attending local CE seminars, listening to experienced local inspectors with years of knowelge share their experiences and discovered that I did not know everthing, in fact I didn’t know a darn thing nessary to be succesfull } and refused to claim that I did by claiming to be “certified” and superior over them.
I’m sure they , [like I am today ] were and are aware with out providing me the information they provided I most likley would not of made it as the failure rate in this business is high like any other one.

All I am saying is expand your horizons, there is a lot more than being instantly
" certified " by a HI org owned and controlled by one person, and instantly accepted by established HI to being successful.

This is my third business over 25 years and the only one that had local professional support and free unbiased BBs with BB members dedicated to helping the new inspector and sharing their experiences to help not only the ones that get instant gratificiation but with others that have the desire to learn the most they can prior to calling them selves a "certifed " HI.

To the nachi member that stated on the box thingy " this boy has a case of dumb *** "
if your still in this profession in another year, send me an email and tell me what you think then.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Are you sugesting That Rowan and Hoppy are attempting to take hard earned $s from nickey.:roll: :roll: :roll:

If thats the case that darn Rowan should get several red boxes and be banned from the BB and be fired as the CMI prez, and Hoppy should never be allowed to apply for nachi or CMI membership. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Nope. I am suggesting that it was their (Rowan and Hooper) original intent to make Inspection Depot the sole provider of required CEU for CMI and, failing at that, are searching for other means to profit.

NACHI is a very large and successful enterprise. While its membership is looking for and hoping for NACHI to become even bigger and better…some of its “vendors” are looking for ways to cut off pieces to futher thier own business agendas.

But that is only my opinion…