Weak ground signal

Hello, I did an inspection yesterday where all of the ground readings on receptacles were very weak. Should this be reviewed by an electrition? The dryer outlet was wired to a 1 pole 30 amp breaker. It should be wired to a 2 pole 30 amp breaker correct? Thanks for your help. Stan

  1. I’m not sure what you mean by a “weak” ground system.

  2. Most, if not all, electric clothes dryers require a properly-sized 2 pole breaker.

Frank, Thanks for the quick reply. When using my sure test outlet tester the right side green light that shows a proper ground was very dim. I did take the outlet cover off of one outlet to take a look. Grounds were secured in the main panel. All conections were good. Stan

How close to the main panel is the dryer plug?

Got a pic of the single pole breaker?

Approx. 20’. No picture. Breaker is square D 30 amp single pole breaker.

The Sure-Test will give a flase ground if too close to the main panel because the neutral and grounds are connected there. 20’ is too far away for this.

Are you sure the breaker is single pole, not single handle?

If not, just report that it must be re-wired before use.

Dave, Thanks for the info. I am sure it is single pole. There are other issues too. Homeowner did the electric work. Thanks. Stan

The “weak-ground” indication is usually indicative of a worn receptacle. The grounding pin doesn’t make sufficient contact, and that tester will show a dim light. The 61-165 will show a “open-ground” under the same condition.

Square D QO double pole breakers only have a single handle, not a double handle the width of the breaker like a Cutler-Hammer CH series.