wearing multiple hats

As a home inspector, do many of you also do mold inspections? or do you have someone else do those?
I was reading that more & more clients want an “all-in-one” inspector & I just wondered how feasible this actually is?
I mean, how many hats can 1 person wear? Especially walking a roof and in a crawl space! :stuck_out_tongue:

However many it takes to feed the family !!!

Look at Superman, mild mannered reporter and super hero !


yes, but Lois Lane still had to fix him dinner!!

It is getting popular. In fact, I wish I would have never put the word “home” in our association name what with NACHI really being an inspection association, not just a home inspection association.

Our last survey of members shows that the # of inspections per client is now over 2 which means on average our members are doing 2 inspections per client, typically a home inspection and something else from www.nachi.org/ancillary.htm and charging for it additionally.

Look at how popular www.InspectorLocator.com is becoming.

If you can do Septic, Sprinklers, Pools, and Hot Tubs it
help you get a lot of inspections because they want it
all done.

The calls for mold inspections are very rare in my area
and I advise people to be careful.

If you call a mold inspector… he will have the mind set
to declare mold is present (in any amount) and therefore
release himself from future responsibility. Who
wants to tell a fearful owner of a $300,000 house that
they DO NOT HAVE MOLD… and then another mold
inspection is done later and they find a little?

Mold can be found in any house, if you want to cover
yourself… and then turn it over to another Professional
to keep the thing from falling on your shoulders. Mold
inspectors can be masters of covering your a$$ets.

If you find mold in a house (in any amount) then you
you have now STAMPED the house with a major red
flag that must be disclosed to everyone when you go
to resale the house. Even is you remediate it professionally,
you still face the fact that most buyers are afraid of
buying your home now. The price goes down like a lead
balloon. If you hide it during the sale, you sweat bullets
of fear that it will be discovered that mold was once in
the house.

Its just a nightmare of reaction and over reaction of the
whole issue. Even with certification required in Texas
for all mold inspectors… its still the same old game.

Then later if someone becomes sick with something thought
to be related to mold and mold is discovered in the house,
they go after the mold inspector (even though he declared
the mold was present… because he did’nt declare it like it should
have been said or… did’nt catch it in the all right places… etc…)

I know some mold inspectors who got out of the business
once they saw it from the inside. If the house smells musty
and you see previous moisture stains, growth of fungi, and
have a sensitivity to allergies, asthma, etc… don’t buy the

If you already own the house… then that’s another story. But be
careful who you call because their so much flim flam out there.
This is why mold insurance is a seperate industry all to itself.
Mold inspectors are always walking through the mine field. Is
there enough call for these types of inspection in your area to
make it worth it?

Here in Texas, they changed the laws in order to take the profits
from the lawyers and the issue began to drop off the radar screen.
IMHO… these are just my observations from this soap box.