Would you inspect a mold infested home?

And, if so, what precautions would you take?

It depends. If it wasn’t too bad, I probably would but would wear a respirator.

I do a lot of them for the city. Homes that have been abandoned due to negligence or were severely damaged during hurricanes and are not fit to live in. MOst of them have mold an inch or so thick covering every surface. Furniture is so delaminated and rotted you can hardly recognize what it was. I wear a NeoMask, nitril gloves under a pair of tactil mechanics gloves and coveralls. As soon as I get out I take off the gloves, boots and coveralls and put them in the bed of the truck. You could just wear hospital booties over your regular shoes or boots but get the ones for wet environment with gripper soles and don’t try to reused them. I get paid reall nicely for those inspections. Almost never have to do more than document the condtions, provide photos and a written report. Generally, the home is slated for demolition and the courts just need my report to proceed. Like finding money on the ground. I also carry a bottle of hand sanitizer to clean up with afterwards. I often do sinus flushing as well. Anyone in our business should be doing those regularly anyway. You frap up your lungs you don’t get another set.

Thanks, we rarely see the bad ones up here.

I have the Neomask and other items.

Just a sample of what we see.

Thanks, Doug, great pics. :smiley:

This is also a repo. The Realtor/bank is requiring anyone accessing the property to sign hold harmless entering at own their own risk. So, I’m guessing it is similar to your pics or worse.

Not only would I inspect it, I’d offer to buy it. Can any one say " Flip that house"


Nice pics!
Reminds me of some of the homes that I have inspected. The last one was condemned and was slated for demolition.

My average price for this type of inspection is $1,250.00

  • Don’t forget to “Cleanse / sanitize” your camera!
    I have a friend who found mold growing on his camera and looked closely in his camera bag and found that mold had also taken hold in his nice Leather Camera bag!

He had to throw his camera bag away!

Oh, the mold issue is the least of the problems on this one…believe me, I checked.

Larry, did you offer a flick of the bic? Under supervision of the FD of course. ha. ha.

How can people live like that?

I would inspect it from one spot, three feet inside the door and fill my SD card on the camera and walk out. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

Same here

Protective cloths and equipment

As an ex USN Nuc SS I know about how to not get SHI T on myself and how to get it out and off

If you do not know get some training - not on the job – You are talking about your health and life

Charge the extra $$ to cover your equipment and risk – most of use are not covered by workers comp

Be extra safe out there -we are not cats with 9 lives

Yes you could walk in in your shorts with no protection and have no problems but why take the chance?


Funny a home inspection client of mine passed up having a mold inspection. They figured it took no expert to say they had mold issues. Go figure. :wink:





Those shrooms would make a nice pizza! :mrgreen: