Weathering - parts for old unit

Hello, forgive my un-technical questions, I have no experience on HVAC units.

I have an old unit at my house, in Florida, which appears to have a bad blower/motor unit - the kind that is on the in-house portion of an a/c unit. The other being the outside ‘compressor’ unit. I am told all I need is to order a ‘blower/motor unit in the housing’.

A/c unit info:
Model: WBHA-21J14SFCAI
208-240 VAC
PH./HZ. 1/60
Motor FP./H.L.A. 1/3 2.8

Outside unit info:
Manufacture date: 01/2000

Question 1: where can I get a replacement part for this unit? Seems the Internet, for all it’s information, does not recognize the model number above. It is likely as old as the outside unit. A handwritten note on the panel dates a service from jan 2001 (I bought the house in 05 and never had a problem).

Question 2: how much should I expect to pay for such item?

Thank you!