Weatherking - parts

Hello, I have an old unit at my house, in Florida, which appears to have a bad blower/motor unit - the kind that is on the in-house portion of an a/c unit. The other being the outside ‘compressor’ unit.

Inside unit info:
Model: WBHA-21J14SFCAI
208-240 VAC
PH./HZ. 1/60
Motor FP./H.L.A. 1/3 2.8

Outside unit info:
Weatherking model: WAKA-042jaz
Manufactured 01/2000

Question 1: where can I get a replacement part for this unit? I’m told it is the ‘motor/blower inthe housing’ part. Seems the Internet cannot find the model number of the inside unit.

Question 2: how much should I expect to pay for the labor of such item?

Thank you!

You will need the numbers off the motor, then call these people

another source

Always replace the capacitor when replacing a motor.
(the cap may be all that is wrong)

Don’t forget to buy a hub puller, a can of penetrating lubricant, sand cloth to remove rust from the shaft, a box of wire connectors, a gallon of evaporator coil cleaner to clean the blower wheel, a bag of wire ties to support the wiring harness, an amp meter to measure the RLA of the new motor to be sure it matches the application…

… or just eat the service call and watch the game! :wink:

and make sure you properly determine the shaft rotation which can be from the lead end or shaft end depending on the equip mfg. Motor sticker “A” is not the same as sticker “B” in every case…

this will save you a return trip (or ship) back to the supplier.

Also, you may not get the same motor warranty. And you will pay a 40% mark-up from what a service company pays for the parts.

There are a number of other reasons that could cause the blower motor in the air handler to not come on, a failed motor being the most expensive. Please be sure of your diagnosis before purchasing replacement parts you may or may not need. I would advise hiring a reputable HVAC contractor if you are not sure; you may end up saving money.

Bruce, David, and Chad,

Thank you all for your quick and expert advice. I’m taking it all in. One more question, do you know of, as you said, reputable HVAC contarctors in Orlando, Fl I can reach out to?

My main problem is that I am stationed in Germany, and have my mother living the house. So I have to coordinate from overseas.

Appreciate your assistance nonetheless.