web and chord framing?

Do the web’s need to have a 2x4 between each? I saw several on this new home that were missing and some not secured.

No, those appear to have been spacers at time of the truss erection.
They have H-clips on the radiant barrier sheathing so blocking is not necessary. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel…


Marcel is correct on the short pieces of 2x4.

However the green paint on the web member in the center of the picture typically indicates where permanent bracing is to be attached. Around here you would see a green tag on all the members or on a few with the rest indicated by green paint.

Yep, and sometimes they are red.

Also a diagram like this shows where they are required shipped with the trusses.


Thanks Marcel.
More for the PC’S hard drive.
Manufactures links would be appreciated.
PS: I am using Certian Teed’s roofing literature to help get shingle installers in Montreal up to speed on proper installation techniques.
Love to have a copy of your hard dives residential building information.:stuck_out_tongue: HA HA HA
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I think we all would like to sample everyones hard drive to see what we are missing and home library. Most of my material cannot be copied or pinted even.

basic truss info
once you get past the sales pitches

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Many of my CD’s, PDF, DOCUMENTS, VIDEOS AND BOOKS are Copyright Protected.
Some cannot even be accessed without a code and password.

If anyone has copyrighted documents they’d like to share, email them to me, fastreply@nachi.org

I’ll have our staff research the subject, improve on them, have the graphics redone and updated, make them available for member use, and credit you for helping.

It is nice to have power to influence change isn’t it Nick!
What do you want first.
With a statement like this you guys will be backed up until spring.

Just waiting for someone with the time and moxy to rewrite copy-write.
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Do not worry about time Keven, help Nick out and your brother inspectors.
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How about we start with all the mistakes in “Carson Dunlop” LOL

Please remember that all home inspection information is to the advantage of others.
Carson and Dunlop devoted there lives to the inspection industry.
Their short sightedness to me was there cost factor. Should have been lowered to allow access to the many that need it.
Other than that they are industry standards and deserve respect from all.

Sorry if you knew what I new you would probably feel the same way!
I think Nick can fill you in if he desires to Robert.
I think there is a thread also on “CARSON DUNLOP”