Is this acceptable on truss sytems?

This is a four-year old home used as a model and never lived in. Being sold by the builder as “new”. Note the bracing in the photo that is nailed to the rafter and then to the truss cord. Is this acceptable? If not, how would you write this up? Thanks!

I would write: Modification to manufactured truss system. Recommend builder explain and provide documentation of PE sign off of this additional bracing. or something like that

If roofing material changed from plans to build time the original truss system may not have been adequate and the builder said - what the heck just throw a few nails on some spare lumber and call it a day

More than likely it was thrown on there to have a place to nail that rat run. I’ve been on a couple of sites where the trusses were getting a little out of control going up without a little temporary bracing to hold them in place until the sheeting went on. From what I can see from the picture it doesn’t look structural.

I agree with Mark… I dont see how adding those 2x4 are doing to half any affect on the truss…if you want to get picky then ask for the truss plans in order to determine if the wind bracing was installed as per spec…rarely do you ever see that called out…simply because most inspectors don’t know about it.

Unless the truss chords / webs have been cut I think calling something like that out in the end will prove to be moot.

I didn’t think it looked right but wasn’t sure if it was a concern. Thanks to all for the advice. Very helpful, as usual!

I’m with Jeffrey. I don’t know what those braces are for and I wouldn’t want to guess. I’d rcommend that the seller provide information or get a SI.

It’s called web bracing. When you recieve your trusses from the manufacturer they come with a packet of papers with each truss listed. After installation framers must go through that packet page by page and check each web of each truss to check for additional bracing. Some builders choose to spend a little more money on their trusses and have them designed a little different, usually an extra web in the truss somewhere. Very common where I’m at.

upon further examination of the pictures I believe I’m wrong.

Web bracing is designed by the engineer who design the trusses. In this case, it’s a lot more confusticated set of bracing than I’ve ever had to install. Usually bracing is a few longitudinals along the bottom chords and web members, and maybe a few diagonals. This one looked too messy to me to be an engineer’s design.

Wow! Great new word (for me) there Kenton. Definition - The combination of being confused and frustrated. Kind of defines how I go about most of my life :smiley:

Like most rat’s nests I’m sure this one grew one piece at a time.

As others have noted if truss members (chords and webs ) haven’t been cut then the other issue is whether the truss units are properly braced. The specifications for that are delivered in the paperwork when the trusses arrive. I know from experience that if they are missing and you can figure out what company made the trusses you can likely get a copy from them.

Simply just added 2x4’s for lateral bracing at time of erection.

No longer required accept for the horizontal permanent lateral bracing.
When erecting hip roof trusses, this is a common procedure.


I’m with Marcel on this one. A non-issue