Web I-Joists

Fellow Inspectors,

Exterior wall, new construction. There are two sets of joists, the one on the outside seems to be continous. The interior ones are cut and not bearing fully on the top plate. One, not pictured at the end shows deflection / damage in the web.
The office was closed, so I could not see the plans. I wrote it up, but would like some more information for my client.








Looks like they are using scrap pieces of I-Joists for ceiling nailers. The continuously bearing one is on the outside of the wall, I believe.

The non-pictured damaged web is another item.

The damaged web is on one of these, so as along as the flange is ok, it should be fine as a nailer for the ceiling.

Thanks, Anatol


Larry is correct in saying what he said as far as using left over or cut outs used for nailing purposes for the ceiling nailers.

The problem I see now is the fact you will never be able to install insulation around the perimeter of the rim joist. Considering the State, it would be recommended.

Another point would be the fact that they did not use a rim joist Manufactured by the TJI Product. They used a TJI. That creates another void on the exterior.
Just not a standard building practice.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good point, Thanks