Website Design & Host

I currently have my website designed & hosted on Microsofts Officelive. This was a do-it-yourself free option for which Microsoft is shutting down. :frowning: Just curious what other’s like and dislike about where there website’s are designed and hosted.

One of the best out there is Home Inspector Pro for a web site. It will be the best ROI you ever make.

Just look for this little guy here and your problems are over. ;):slight_smile:


Dan ,I see you started posting on HIP so you should be good to go I hope.

Thanks for the options!
Bob, I see you have several sites. I haven’t checked out HIPs website option yet…but I need too. I have till Feburary before Microsoft shuts down their system, and there goes my website (originally was going to be October, but they postponed it.) I never really used my website to gain business from the internet…I used it more to direct client’s there for payment, directing new agents for additional information, and providing prospective buyers with additional info.
Dominic has been great when asking questions on his inspection software.

I don’t think I would, correction, I wouldn’t include a link to FUX News on your new one. :roll:

Why not? Most working folks who are in the market for buying homes watch FOX News. :wink:

That’s a scary thought.

Lol…Christopher, thanks for your input! But when a 3-part National Television story, and a 3 part written story comes your way; you don’t pass it up. Actually, the “financial expert” I brought into the series landed himself on “Fox and Freinds” and Sean Hannity. Remember, this wasn’t a polictial story. And…If CNN wants to do an article…Fly me out; especially if it’s in Southern California. Then I can meet Dominic first hand on Web designs. The story actually hit the nail of the head with what Bank of America plans on doing with there foreclosures starting in January 2012. Like Linas said…FOX watcher’s buy homes too.:wink:

For the technically not-so-challenged folks, who may also want the flexibility and free SEO stuff, get a semi-decent hosting company like blue host for $5.95 a month, get a free domain from them, install wordpress using their control panel, free of course. So your total out-of-pocket is your time plus $5.95 a month.

I just taught a friend of mine, also an inspector, set up his website, in a couple hours. After that, it’s just fill-in-the-blank type of editing.

There are tons of SEO plug-ins for wordpress, just try the free ones.

Good advice Norm, thanks, you got a link to your masterpiece website?:wink: