Inspection websites?

I’m looking at my different options for creating my website.
I’m looking for some opinions.

I’ve looked at “”, but not sure if thats really the route I wanna take. are there other websites like that also?

Theres a possibility I might get the Homegauge software. I know you can pay for a website through them. Does anyone do this? Do they look nice?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Go to Home Inspection Pro.
There is a link underneath.
Dominic will set you up and provide all the asistance you need.
Check out the fantastic templates.

Roberta from Grassfrog is the best…

By the way, only on Bob’s list is from us, the other sites he does through

True , but they are older and I will be using Dominics in the future.
also check out a few of his others.

Has anyone used Microsoft publisher to make their own website?

If you go this route, do you upload up to a place like

Hi Jonathan,

You don’t want to use publisher, but you could use Microsoft Expressions and the upload it to a hosting company. GoDaddy is a fine choice if you go that route as they are pretty inexpensive. You need to be willing to spend some time setting up your website design and learning how to use the program. It goes back to how much computer knowledge you have.

Try this - Microsoft Office Live/Small Business

One of my sites I use them. It costs me nothing. www.colbyhomeservices.comExcept for buying the domain name. The templates are easy to learn. I haven’t spent a lot of time adding content, but hopefully will in the future.

Just curious, but why don’t I want to use publisher?

MS Publisher is meant to make newsletters, not websites. There’s a couple of good free programs out there you can use such as NVU. Publisher is lacking many features that a good web design program (like shared buttons for example).

Thanks to everyone!

You all are a great help!

I’ve asked questions on other forums, but I usually get some smart*** answer 9 out of 10 times.

We try to be smart asses only 1 out of 10 :smiley:


I use HG for one of my sites and use Home Inspector Pro for the rest. I have worked really hard on all of them. The HG hosted site ranks on the first page of all the search engines. The HIP site are on the 1st page of everything but google for now. The important thing to keep in mind is its dedication and self education about SEO. Links to great organizations such as HG, HIP and InterNachi will send you to the top. Links with other HI helps a bunch. I learned that staying in control of your own domain and your own email address is priority. If you want to change where you want to do biz you can cause your in control. Check out GODaddy for the specific domain name and get your email from msn or even better free from HIP/GMAIL. He can custom the gmail to your domain. Oh ya dont forget to google search for godaddy discount codes. I save 50% sometimes. :mrgreen:

Scott you are right on on this post. It truly takes time and dedication. Problem is, I’ve been a bit busy as of late and have trouble finding the time. But, I guess a little here and there and I should be up and running on Dom’s hosting soon.


I would go with David Valley’s pick. Roberta at GrassFrog has given me great service and I am able to tweak the site and add or delete pages without much hassel. The price is reasonable and I have had several clients remark that that site and its content are why they chose me as their home inspector.


If I can help let me know.

Some more thoughts…

Try to get several domain names and you could test drive several hosting compainies at the same time. It wont take long for you to find the template and qaulity of service that gives you confidence. Be careful of the content provided in any providers template. If you dont make it your own then it wont do you any good. Site crawlers will see the same copy on everyones sites and your ranking will be lower then it could be.

how 'bout ? :cry:

Even if you have average to above average coding experience edit you should check out HIP. If you have no coding experience this is certainly for you end edit the interface is super easy.

I was using Microsoft expression web (and godaddy) and the hardest part was if I wanted to change anything it meant making the change, connecting to the server (3 steps at godaddy) and uplodaing the file, checking the result and ::::gasp::: making adjustments and doing it all over agin.

With (30 lashes for not using anchor text :twisted: )
it is simple as create, copy/paste and click. Everything is done right on your site so you see changes right away.

IMO easiest to use and BY FAR best customer support - not to mention the cool templates.


Aww shucks :smiley:

I forgot to mention we work Dominic like a dog 7 days a week. I’m surprised he’s posting here instead of coming up with new features for us to play with.
:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I actually have a few I’m finishing up right now, I’ll send you a pm about it, top secret :smiley: