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Hey Guys I used this website builder for my site and love it. Way too easy to build a site and cheap. I have done my own for past 5 years now and I changed over to this company due to cost and tools.
Welcome to the world’s easiest Website Builder!

Try it out for free and test drive it.
Here are a couple samples.and tons more on the site.

I own and will give members a better price. Just contact me directly.

Looks the same as

Are you an inspector or a reseller?

Mike, sites that are 100% flash based have absolutely no SEO value. You can’t get onto the search engines as they can’t read the content on your site. They look nice (I built long ago for an inspector buy it won’t rank because search engines can barely read the internal file names let alone the content properly).

It is a reseller of Site Cube. Just cheaper for you. I bought it do to some friends wanting to get websites. I paid 18.75 a month for 2 yrs for mine through site cube. I can offer much lower and still uses all there building tools. Instead of marking it up. Im not trying to make money on it at all It was just a offer that is all.

And I have moved my home inspection site in 4 weeks old from not being seen to position 3 and 5 in some areas and 75 position out of 4,500,000 for key word ( Florida Home Inspector ) It is working for me.

I couldn’t find your site in the first 20 pages of Google (200 listings). What search engine are you looking at?

Yahoo, All the Web . Alavista Google is taken longer I submitted the website 2 weeks ago. Been using SEO Elite 4 . Been working good so far so good. you are right about the flash slowing things down. I hate I cant ad my own of use html codes in it. But for 9 bucks a month it is working fine for now.

Yahoo, All the Web and Altavista are the same search engine. Yahoo bought them out a few years ago. You show up about 80th to me, but that could be because I’m in California. Locally you might show up higher temporarily. You are right about Google, they have a 6 months sandbox, but well designed sites can sometimes break out within a month (google dayton thermal inspection).

Moved up to 33 place for Florida Inspector on Yahoo out of 23,000,000. Not bad for a 4 week old flash site.

Try Home Inspector Pro. Dom offers a 3 month free trial. I started building my new site yesterday and like what I see so far. It takes time (especially adding all my links) but it will pay off in the long run.
Hey Mike, what happended to your sitewith the music???:p:p:p
Back then joey and Roy were competing for Wendy’s affection.:p:p:p

That website was costing me $399 a year. And I had 2 of them one for Four point inspections and one for my home inspection business. That was like 2 yrs or more ago maybe 3yrs. Wow does time fly. Good luck on the website Linas. I have several now to keep in the top ten all the time. It helps to have extra domains and different websites.

Website Now # 1 on Google in 5 weeks Not bad… Searched _ Ocala Home Inspection

Not bad for $121 a year